Owning a Chihuahua is a rewarding experience and a lot of fun. Still, there are certain traits about Chihuahuas that you should be aware of before you begin your adventures with your new pet. You probably asked yourself why your Chihuahua sleeps so much at least once in your life.

While many traits exist concerning Chihuahuas, one trait you might not know about is their ability to sleep quite a bit. We are going to answer all of your questions as to why your Chihuahua is sleeping in the manner that it does.

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Three Reasons Why Your Chihuahua Sleeps So Much 6

Why Your Chihuahua Sleep So Much

Chihuahuas are a very energetic breed, especially as puppies, so it’s natural for them to want to sleep more often than some other breeds once they are worn out from playing. Getting enough exercise each day is important for Chihuahuas.

The older your Chihuahua gets, the more easily they will tire after some moderate exercise, and then they will begin to sleep more.

1. It’s Normal Behavior for Chihuahua Puppies

Puppies, in general, are going to sleep way more than a mature adult Chihuahua so you shouldn’t worry if your puppy is sleeping nearly the entire day. Energetic and full-of-life is often how we describe puppies of nearly all breeds, but it’s especially true for the Chihuahua puppy. Normal sleeping behavior for a Chihuahua puppy is to sleep about 18 to 20 hours a day.

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2. Your Chihuahua is Bored

Every once in awhile your Chihuahua might be sleeping because of boredom, although it’s not oftentimes the reason for sleep. A Chihuahua will often sleep when it feels safe. You know your schedule better than anyone, so you should be able to determine whether boredom is the cause of sleep. Usually, boredom in a dog will result in more anxious behavior, such as chewing on items around your house.

3. Your Chihuahua is Suffering from Illness

A dog sleeping an unusual amount of time could be the result of an illness, so keep an eye out for dramatic changes in sleeping patterns or habits. If you have noticed your dog is sleeping way more than it usually does, it might be time to call the veterinarian to ensure nothing more serious is going on. Your Chihuahua could be sleeping more often due to many different health issues.

The good news is that a change in sleeping habits is not always the result of a serious illness. Sometimes just changing their diet around can be beneficial for sleep. More complex issues could also be the cause, such as a thyroid issue, cancer, or an undiagnosed heart condition.

How Many Hours a Day Does a Chihuahua Sleep?

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Three Reasons Why Your Chihuahua Sleeps So Much 7

You may be thinking that your Chihuahua is sleeping more than it should, but in reality, a Chihuahua is known for being a big sleeper. A Chihuahua will sleep for 12 or 14 hours a day, although 18 hours is also not uncommon. Your Chihuahua will sleep and wake up more often than a human does. If your Chihuahua is sleeping within that 12 to 18-hour window, you have nothing to worry about because it’s perfectly normal and healthy behavior.

Why Does My Chihuahua Sleep Under the Covers?

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Three Reasons Why Your Chihuahua Sleeps So Much 8

A Chihuahua is a famous burrower, which is why it’s more likely to sleep under the covers. Not only does a Chihuahua do this for entertainment, but also for comfort. Even if it’s not cold in your house your Chihuahua is likely to sleep under the covers because that is where it feels safe. Your dog looks at you like the pack leader so snuggling next to you makes your Chihuahua feel less vulnerable.

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