This tiny dog has quite a big personality. Meet Tina. It’s a face everyone loves and will love since this little chihuahua has the funniest expressions you’ll see on a small dog.

Now dogs in general are always cute and funny but then there are certain pets who stand out thanks to their unique quirks.

Tina is one such pooch.

This tiny dog’s got a big attitude. Her owner goes on to narrate how she came to be the human of Tina while showing the dog’s antics.

Tina yawns, yaps, and stares every time her human says or does something in front of her.

Tracy deals with the cheeky chihuahua everyday.

“I think if Tina and I had our way we would just spend every waking minute of the day together.”

Well we all would love to spend an entire day with our dogs too!

See, Tina is just happy. Always happy all the time. Whenever Tracy calls her name, the dog comes running out of nowhere exploding with all the energy in that tiny frame.

No toys for this tiny doggo. It’s all about zoomies, running, and jumping. Almost like she’s on high doses of energy drinks every day!

How did these two meet?

Tracy was just laying on her couch one day when she receives a text from her friend Beth who says that their friend Carol just lost her mom.

Carol had a chihuahua named Lil Bit.

Beth asked Tracy if she was interested in taking the dog. Tracy was apprehensive at first seeing as it was a little too soon to take another dog.

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Her old dog had just died.

She did yield eventually but only if the small dog would get along with her Lab and German Shepherd.

So Beth and Tracy met up halfway from their respective cities.

The moment Tracy saw Tina curled up in the car, the dog looked up and squinted at her, giving her the most judgmental look a dog could give.

“I was just blown away, I’ve never felt so judged.” she shared.

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Well just look at Tina. What do you think?

The two are now inseparable, almost like they were destined to be together. To be fair, they do share the same energy so it works out.

Tina chose Tracy as “her person”.

She did tell Tina about Beebs, her old dog, even showing her new dog pictures of Beebs.

Tina does everything with her human. She even listens to Tracy play guitar and sing.

Tracy’s wife has to request for some alone time with her, away from Tina, since the two are super close. Hey, it’s all love anyway!

Tina scratches her chest using her front paws, like us humans using our hands. And she can stare without blinking for long periods.

Then she’ll sneeze on you.

Tracy and Tina met at a time they were both experiencing loss. It was in that process that they found each other.

New beginnings are all about hoping and trusting.

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