What would you say if I told you I could make your day a little more awesome? Behold, tiny bundles of huge personalities. Yes, it’s Chihuahuas! People usually associate chihuahuas with tininess. This tiny doggos pack a serious punch and are full of character. These super silly doggos often remained confident and poised even when near dogs many times their size! Now, that’s a fantastic pup.

Chihuahuas are hilariously adorable! Their tiny wet noses demand a good thorough booping! Do not presume they will automatically give you bopping permission, though. These small doggos tend to be very loyal to their owners and a little shy with strangers. So make sure you get consent before engaging in nose-booping! In the meantime, enjoy these little bundles of sweetness and their huge personalities!

image 37 1
Hey handsome man! Are you ready for a car ride?? This guy has it all figured out. With a confident and content smile like that, he is prepared to take over the world. There is nothing you cannot accomplish, friend!
image 37 2
Well, that is a dashing young gentleman if I do say so myself. This doggo looks good, and he knows it! We wonder where he is headed off, too all dressed up. Perhaps a formal gathering of the neighborhood Chihuahuas? Keep strutting your stuff, pal! 
image 37 3
image 37 4
image 37 5
image 37 6
image 37 7
image 37 8
image 37 9
image 37 10
image 37 11
image 37 12
image 37 13
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