It was a long day for Buddy. As his eyes were filled with dreams of sleeping, he was pups-tired. But, he didn’t know that some free shots were upcoming for him and his buddies.

A 15-year-old Chihuahua could only take so much since I spend most of the day at a pet vaccination clinic.

Held Saturday at Kennard United Methodist Church in Sugar Grove Township, the Log Cabin Unity Grange hosted the clinic.

Linda Lawton, Buddy’s owner, spearheaded the event for the farm.

“We got a good turnout today,’’ Lawton said. “But it was almost all dogs.’’

Dr. Todd Van Dyke was the clinic’s veterinarian for the day. A Sandy Lake resident, he’s a traveling vet who handles larger animals – mainly cows and horses. This day, dogs and cats were his patients.

“I’m used to going to farms,’’ Van Dyke said with a smile.

The injections mainly were vaccinations, including rabies and distemper, periodically recommended for cats and dogs.

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Rabies cases were reported to the Pennsylvania Department of Agriculture and are broken down. By county and the species inflicted.

image 20 4
Linda Lawton, a Sugar Grove Township resident, holds her dog Buddy, a 15-year-old Chihuahua, during a pet clinic hosted by the Log Cabin Unity Grange on Saturday.

January through August shows Mercer County had four reports of rabies, two raccoons, and two bats, according to the department’s website. Lawrence County had only 1 case, a bat.

For the entire state, 193 cases were reported over the same period.

Van Dyke said the state has become more aggressive in preventing rabies.

“They’ve set up baiting traps with food to attract animals filled with rabies vaccine,’’ he said.

image 21
Vet Gives Local Pups Free Shots in Pet Clinic 6

Sugar Grove Township resident Kayla Williams hides her face from laughing as her dog Chloe an Irish setter-retriever mix acts up during Saturday’s pet clinic at Kennard United Methodist Church.

Sugar Grove Township resident Kayla Williams was at the clinic with her dog Chloe, an Irish setter and retriever mix who had just passed her first birthday. Williams and her husband traveled to Tennessee to get the dog.

She said: when I put her down and we got her for the first time. I put her in my arms, and she got mad at me and went to my husband, and since then she’s just been his dog.

The farm plans a spaghetti dinner fundraiser from 4 to 7 p.m. Saturday, October 22 the Christmas craft soup and hoagie sale at the church is set for November 5 at the church.

image 21 1
Veterinarian Dr. Todd Van Dyke checks over 15-year-old Buddy during a vaccination clinic Saturday at Kennard United Methodist Church in Sugar Grove Township.

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