Police raided two homes in Madrid, Spain, after receiving information about an illegal breeding operation.

Two hundred and seventy dogs, mostly Chihuahuas and Pomeranians. They find them in deplorable conditions in the basements of houses divided into breeding and sales areas.

What did the police officer say?

A spokesperson for the police said, “Some dogs had a very attenuated bark. After performing the relevant analyses. They found that they also had a cordectomy section of the vocal cords. The procedure was probably carried out so that they would not bark and alert the neighbors about the existence of an illegal nursery.”

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It also softens or eliminates a dog’s barking but often produces a muffled noise. Officers believed the breeders did not want the dogs to bring attention to their illegal operation. So they silenced them.

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How many people arrest?

Five people were arrested after the raids on the homes in Meco and Arganda Del Rey. Police have reported that two veterinarians were detained for their involvement in the highly lucrative illegal operation. The vets provided microchips and stamped certificates for each dog to make the process appear legitimate.

The arrested group ‘allegedly formed one of the main distributors of dogs at European level,” posted Policía Nacional.

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Many of the little dogs greeted their rescuers with wagging tails and attempted to bark. Police posted a video of one raid showing rows and rows of cages filled with dogs. Some dogs were still nursing puppies, and others pawed at the crate to be freed.
Police and rescue workers carefully loaded all the dogs onto a van and brought them.

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Locals and people worldwide thanked officers for their quick action and rescue of innocent dogs. One person wrote, “Congratulations on the work. So I hope those animals are put up for adoption. In the best possible place where they belong and feel good. And find good families to give them all the pure love they have and the love they haven’t had so far.

Watch as officers rescue the innocent dogs from the basement of one of the homes in the video below. If you see something that looks suspicious, say something. Be a voice for the voiceless.

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