This Chihuahua puppy Bianca snuggles up with her new best mate — blind Great Dane Shelby. What do you think about these two best friends?

The little-and-large chums bonded at an animal rescue center. Since then, cute videos of them together have gone viral online. The two best friends seem like such an unlikely match, but deep down, we know they’re soulmates.

Shelby, the blind great dane , had already been adopted by Shirley Credit: Mercury Press

Shirley Zindler, founder of Dogwood Animal Rescue in Sebastopol, California, took in Bianca five weeks ago after her mum died giving birth. Three-year-old Shelby would sit with her as she bottle-fed Bianca.

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The doggy duo rest together happily Credit: Mercury Press

Shirley said: “It’s unusual to see different-sized dogs play with each other. Shelby is quite patient with Bianca — but will push her away to make her stop if she’s biting.” Can you just imagine how adorable that is?

“This friendship is amazing”- she says. They truly are a bunch of best buddies, and all they wanna do is spend their days together. We hope that this friendship continues, and the pups are as happy as they can be.

Despite the size difference, the two dogs have formed an unbreakable bond Credit: Mercury Press

Source: thesun

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