Dogs and livestock have had a relationship for as long as there was life. “Goat herder” is a label we’ve all heard of at some point in our lives, which is very sweet as a concept. Typically, livestock herders are large dogs who can afford to run after animals and protect them from danger. However, there’s a Chihuahua pup that weighs just about two pounds and aims to break that stereotype.

This Chihuahua, Yorkie, and Maltese mix doesn’t let her body get in the way of her dreams, as every step she makes is full of life. We can see this in a video posted by the Sunflower Farm Company, where the sweet Chi named Lola runs after the farm’s goats. While the farm’s owners adjust the fences, Lola is left in charge of goat babysitting to prevent any goats’ accidental breeding.

How a Chihuahua Turned Into a Goat Herder

At Sunflower Farm, they raise the livestock animals as home pets, meaning that they get the best care in the world. When Lola the pup was born, she immediately grew into her babysitting profession. Her parents reported that she is very fond of the eight-month-old Nigerian dwarf goats. Tess and Mildred, the baby goats – seem to respect Lola’s goat-herding authority just the same.

After all, size doesn’t matter when you got passion, and we know that Chis are one of the top dog breeds that are full of it. As we leave you to enjoy Lola’s busy days in the following video, we urge you also to read Chihua Corner’s previous coverage of this pup’s extravagant life.

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