If you’ve ever been around a farm, chances are you’ve probably seen one or two precious animals interacting in between species. Unlikely animal friendships include horses and cows, sheep and chicken, and most recently – dogs and goats. In Sunflower Farm Creamery an odd but heartwarming duo has shown us once again that being different is okay, as long as you’re kind to your friends.

Farm Photos — Sunflower Farm Creamery

The Precious Relationship Between Lola, Leia and Lady Bug

This wonderful farm is located in Cumberland and is the proud caretaker of several animal families. The Sunflower farm is also incredibly creative with its pets, dressing them up in pajamas and showing them off to the guests. This animal residency has housed over 30 Nigerian Dwarf goats, all of which it treats like family. Today’s superstar is precisely one of these baby goats, who has formed a cute alliance with a lovely Chihuahua.

According to the farmers, the eight-week-old Chihuahua was feeling quite shy for a long time, until she came across the two baby goats named Leia and Lady Bug. Lola the Chi immediately started to give the adorable animals kisses and even started perfecting their goat strut. Alternatively, the two-week-old baby goats are quite enamored with the pup’s tail, biting and chewing on it whenever they get the chance. What’s adorable about this pup is that the more time she spends with the baby goats, the more she acts like one. In the video below, you will see Lola snuggling, playing, and walking right next to Leia and Ladybug.

After a long day of mischief, Lola, Leia, and Lady Bug all enjoy a nice, warm plate of goat’s milk. The nutritious diet and the wonderful care they receive makes all the animals on this farm grow big and strong. The Sunflower farm keeps all the goats as pets, even after they stop producing milk. If that’s not possible, the senior pets are adopted by other animal lovers in the area, so it’s an all-around good example of proper farming. As we leave you to enjoy the following video, we also invite you to read more about Chihuahuas’ unlikely friendships with other animals.

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