A jealous dog growls when his cat sibling gets all the attention. That should be enough to get your attention, right?

Chihuahuas have a reputation for being grumpy. This video explains why it’s probably a well-deserved one. The hilarious video features a jealous dog annoyed by his feline sibling getting all the attention.

Filmed by Elena Shatrabaeva of Russia, the video shows her two pets – a cat and a chihuahua dog – sitting together on a bed. However, when Ms. Shatrabaeva began petting her ginger cat, it did not sit well with her jealous dog. He started growling and making “scary sounds.” 

The 27-second clip left thousands of dog-lovers amused. You can see the dog looking startled by his owner’s blatant favoritism as she began stroking her cat. The tiny pup made his displeasure clear. He was filmed growling every time Ms. Shatrabaeva tried approaching the feline.

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The Jealous Dog Who Went Viral

On the other hand, the cat seemed blissfully unconcerned by the chihuahua’s jealousy – throwing her paws up in the air as if asking for more belly rubs. 

The video has been viewed thousands of times on YouTube. Several viewers confessed to being left in splits in the comments section after watching the grumpy puppy. Others shared their own experiences of dealing with pet jealousy. 

“Chihuahuas are notorious for jealousy,” wrote one person in the comments section. “My chihuahua is like this,” another added. 

Some tried to imagine what was going through the minds of the two animals as the incident played out. “Cat be like – she is just petting me gtfo from here,” wrote one viewer. “Looks more like he is protecting the cat. Still cute, though,” another theorized. 

This is not the only video of a jealous dog that has left people in splits. An ultra-cute video that went viral in 2019 shows a golden retriever getting jealous of her toy.  

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