Whoever said that Chihuahuas aren’t creative prodigies has obviously never seen Melinda Herman and her pooches. The 70-year-old woman labeled “Hipster Grandma” by her fans never misses the chance to tell her puppies how much she loves them. However, Melinda does this very specially by singing sweet serenades to her cute Chis. But there’s more to her story than her dreamy voice and precious Chihuahuas.

69-year-old Malinda Herman and her beloved Chihuahua. Photo: Pet Lover BY Jerhigh / Facebook
Melinda Herman and her Chihuahua playing guitar

The Story of Melinda Herman and Her Inspiration

What started as a home project went on to be a viral sensation, but Melinda could never see it coming. The Polish native nearly broke the internet when she posted a heartwarming video on Facebook. Here, she is seen singing “More than I Can Say” while her tiny Chi lies against her cheek in a super sweet moment. To match the ambiance and vocals, Melinda’s background goes wild as a talented kitty attempts to harmonize from the back.

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Since that video, Melinda’s channel is always packed with eager listeners who want to hear her sing. Although, Herman reported that singing has never been about fame. As she reported in Coconuts Bangkok, the sweet lady got into a car accident more than 20 years ago. She explained how her car got flipped over, and her nerves got damaged. As a result, his left face became completely paralyzed. Melinda also recalled how for about two years, she didn’t let anyone see her face. She also couldn’t speak well or chew, so she was very embarrassed.

Refusing to undergo surgery, Melinda decided to do voice exercises that helped her to some extent. One day, her son brought her a guitar and suggested she start singing. The 70-year-old started a YouTube channel where he posted music covers as early as 2016. After she experienced another tragedy where her old dog died, she met the beautiful Jiw Jam. The sweet pup who really goes by “Small and Pretty” followed Melinda everywhere, so she decided to adopt her. The rest, as you know, is history.


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