Having a solid recall is something all dog owners want. It saves time, frustration and can even save your Chihuahua’s life if they are headed toward danger. But it’s also one of the hardest behaviors to teach because we can accidentally make mistakes that poison our own training. If you are having trouble, try these 3 secrets to getting your Chihuahua to come when called.

#1 – Don’t Call Your Chihuahua For Something He Hates

Dogs learn by association. So if you call your Chihuahua to you every time you need to do something he hates, such as a bath or nail trim, he will associate coming when called with negative things and not want to come to you. To not ruin your “come” cue, it’s better to go get your Chihuahua in these instances. And definitely never call him to you if you’re going to punish him.

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#2 – Get Low & Act Excited

You are a big person compared to your little Chihuahua. Sometimes, getting low and acting excited can make your dog more likely to come to you. If he doesn’t immediately come running after you have said your cue, try crouching down with arms open and a relaxed, happy face. Most dogs will be much more likely to come to a person in this position than one who is standing up straight in a “serious” posture.

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#3 – Disappear

No matter how independent your Chihuahua seems, she really does want you around. If she didn’t respond to that “come” cue, find a place to hide. Behind a bush, a tree, or inside the house—anywhere your dog can’t see your work. Chances are, as soon as she realizes she can’t see you, she will look for you. When your Chihuahua finds you, remember to praise her and be happy!

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