With the coronavirus lockdown going on we’re sure many of you are short on supply. But, can Chihuahuas eat daal rice?

Many types of meat and poultry shops have closed down and even if you have ordered the best dog food online, it is taking forever to reach your doorstep.

In trying times like these, we ask, can dogs eat daal rice or can dogs eat lentil rice? Let’s find out.  

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Can Dogs Eat Daal Rice?

Ideally, they shouldn’t. Dogs are carnivores and they get most of their nutrition from non-vegetarian products like chicken, pork, turkey, fish, eggs, etc.

However, if you are dealing with a temporary crisis and you are not able to give your dog their ideal meal, small amounts of daal and rice will help them sustain.

Daal has a small amount of omega 3 and 6 fatty acids which is very good for their eyes, heart, brain, and skin, but the quantity is much lesser than what they usually are accustomed to getting from fish.

Rice is not our recommended choice of food because it is a grain and dogs shouldn’t have grains. If it’s possible, you can give them dog-safe fruits and vegetables instead of rice. Vegetables like broccoli, green peas, sweet potatoes, etc are very good for them.

There are certain dogs with illnesses who may benefit from this high fiber vegetarian food choice. Dogs with pancreatitis usually are asked not to have a lot of protein hence their owners often switch to chicken and lentil dog food.

What Can You Expect After Giving Dogs Daal Rice?

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Well, for the most part, you may notice an increase in flatulence. Both lentils and rice have a lot of carbs and it takes more effort for dogs to digest highly fibrous meals.

Secondly, daal rice doesn’t make them thrive, it rather puts them in sustenance mode. So, you may notice a change in their energy levels – they aren’t as active as they used to be, or you may notice an increase in hair fall.

Apart from the physical changes, your meat-loving dog may not enjoy daal rice. Most dogs turn their noses to it if they are accustomed to eating good quality dog food with healthy meat content.

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Perhaps the best way to solve this problem and ensure they get adequate nutrition is to add a delicious and nutritious food topper or cold-pressed fish oil to their daal rice. 

Though this is not the best meal, during tough times this will have to make do.

Dogs That Shouldn’t Have Daal Rice

While a few dogs may benefit from this change there are some that shouldn’t have this meal. They are:

Dogs With The Tendency of Bloat

If your dog has had bloat or is prone to bloat, daal rice is not the best option for them. As we said earlier, lentils cause flatulence and if they have had too much it may be enough to swell their stomach.

Giant dogs like Great Danes, Mastiffs, Sheepdogs have a higher tendency to bloat.

For these dogs, you must give them a calcium-rich meal which is usually found abundantly in chicken claws. You must also make sure they have fewer meals in a day and are able to eat slowly.

Dogs With Cancer

Cancer cells eat carbs and if there aren’t enough carbs, they change to proteins. Feeding them a carb-rich diet like daal rice will only feed cancer and make it progress more rapidly. 

With these dogs, it’s always best to give them a meat-based diet. Lean meat is better than eggs in this case because eggs have more protein and that may end up feeding cancer as well.

It’s also important to cook the meat as little as possible because when you cook the meat you increase the chances of pancreatitis.

Pregnant/Lactating Mothers Or Working Dogs

Pregnant/lactating mothers or working dogs, who are up and active for more than 2 hours a day, need a lot of calories to sustain and daal rice is just not enough.

Healthy lean meat is the best option for them but if you are having trouble giving them premium-quality dog food we would highly recommend giving them high-calorie fruits like bananas.

Other products like paneer and soya can also be a good source of nutrition. If you can find eggs for them that will also help them produce enough milk for their puppies.

Lastly, we want to clarify that we would never endorse feeding your dogs daal rice. Though small quantities of it will do them no harm, it is by no means the ideal food choice for dogs. But in situations like the coronavirus lockdown, if you feel this is the only choice you have right now, you can give them small amounts of daal rice.

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