As many of you know, among the most crucial grooming routines for a Chihuahua is bathing. No matter the breed, you must ensure that your Chi is always clean to prevent dirt build-up and keep their fur looking as rich as possible. Sadly, many owners are lazy with their pets’ cleaning, making it even harder when they decide to place the Chihuahua in the tub. Before we get into details, there are some things we need to get out of the way.

The main thing you need to remember is that overdoing it will harm your Chi’s skin. Even though many factors affect the dogs’ bathing frequency, you shouldn’t clean your Chihuahuas more than once in three weeks. Still, your dog shampoo, pup’s fur type, and outdoor activity should make you flexible in this number. You can bathe as often as you see fit, as long as your Chi is happy. If you’re struggling with bathing your dog as often as you’d like, the following steps will make you a professional dog groomer in no time.

Grooming Your Chihuahua 101: Tips, Tricks and the Best Shampoo

The Preparations Required for Bathing a Chihuahua

Whether you’re planning a trip to your local pet shop or not, there are a few things you need to get ready before dipping your Chi in water. This will ensure that both you and your pet are comfortable, making for an effortless grooming technique. You’re going to get a pitcher, dog shampoo (preferably specially made for Chis), a washcloth, and a dry cloth.

If you think about it, bathing a Chihuahua is all about patience – so you’ll need treats. Lots of treats. Start by giving your four-legged friend a treat to calm him down. Then, you’re going to slowly brush his fur so you won’t cause tangles while in the water. This will also prevent clogging in your sink or bath, as you will minimize the number of hair going down the drain. If you feel ready and confident, it’s time for the show.

Bathing Your Chihuahua | Chihuahuas as Pets

Stand Your Ground and Start the Battle

Bathing a dog is like teaching him new tricks. You’re going to be confident, calm, and wait for the pup to be comfortable. Treats usually go a long way, but you can also try showering him with affection before you get to the real thing. You can do this on a large sink, bathtub, or bucket – make sure that you can safely reach over Chihuahua without hurting him. Begin by filling the surface with lukewarm water, not too cold and not too hot. Continue with gently pouring water on your Chi from the pitcher or bowl you got ready beforehand.

Then, you’re going to add the smallest bit of shampoo on your Chi’s back. Ensure that your pet’s head and eyes are safe in the process, as Chihuahuas are very prone to eye infections. Then, you can use the wet washcloth or your hands to spread the shampoo on your Chi’s fur. Many veterinarians advise leaving the shampoo on your dog’s skin for a few minutes, as this will make them feel refreshed. In the last stage, you’re going to repeat the pitcher pouring until the bubbles are nowhere left to be seen. After all, is said and done, you’re going to wrap your Chihuahua with a dry cloth and give him treats, love, and affection to reward such a good pup behavior.

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