What has four paws, a wiggly nose, and a tail that wags just for you? Your Chihuahua, of course! But, how do you know your dog loves you? If you’ve ever wondered about the signs your Chihuahua is obsessed with you, here’s a definite guide to help you out.

Signs Your Chihuahua is Obsessed With You

If you’ve ever shared your life with a Chihuahua, you might have wondered if their love for you borders on obsession. And you’re right!

Chihuahua obsession is a term coined by dog owners and enthusiasts alike to describe the intense bond and seemingly over-the-top attachment that these pint-sized pooches form with their owners.

And while it’s cute and often amusing, some might even say that their fervor is almost a doggie version of fan-girl behavior. Fasten your seatbelts, dear reader, you’re in for an adorably intense ride!

1. They greet you with a full-body slam

It’s undeniable—there’s something endearing about a Chihuahua that can’t contain its excitement for seeing you. In response to their uncontrollable affection, they may greet you with a spectacular leap that embodies a full-body slam.

Sure, the diminutive size of a Chihuahua doesn’t quite deliver the same impact as a larger breed, but the intent remains the same. This grand gesture, full of pint-sized passion, may even become their signature greeting.

Signs your Chihuahua is obsessed with you - jumping
Signs your Chihuahua is obsessed with you – jumping

2. They dance just for you

There’s no warmer welcome than when you walk through your front door and your Chihuahua greets you. His tail shakes like a high-speed metronome, and his most cherished toy is clutched tightly in his mini jaws.

But the real evidence of his uncontainable excitement is the way he launches himself at you — an adorable missile of love. Like a pint-sized kangaroo, your Chihuahua jumps, bounces, and hops, translating his exuberance into a delightful display of affection.

Signs your Chihuahua is obsessed with you - dancing
Signs your Chihuahua is obsessed with you – dancing

3. They lick your face frantically

Think it’s disgusting? It’s time to shift perspective. This might not be the most pleasant feeling for some, but in the world of Chihuahuas, this is nothing short of a love affair. Those licks on your face are a clear display of affection.

They absolutely adore you and aim to show this through an endearing, albeit slightly salivary, facial cleaning session. So the next time your little pupper zooms towards your face, tongue first, embrace their love and accept that to them, you’re worth every lick.

Signs your Chihuahua is obsessed with you - licking
Signs your Chihuahua is obsessed with you – licking

4. They stare directly into your eyes

Your Chihuahua holds an intense gaze, locking eyes with you and creating a profound connection. This undivided attention becomes especially noticeable during mundane activities such as bath time.

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Even though they might not be big fans of water, they’ll endure it for the sole reason that they know a clean pup brings joy to the owner. It’s a captivating display of their affection, an unmistakable sign that they’re smitten with you.

Signs your Chihuahua is obsessed with you - staring
Signs your Chihuahua is obsessed with you – staring

5. They yawn when you yawn

Do you often find your adorable Chihuahua yawning right after you do? If so, it’s not a coincidence; it’s one of the ways your little companion displays their deep connection. This “contagious yawning” is a phenomenon that’s actually quite rich in meaning. 

Canines have developed a remarkable ability to mirror human behaviors, and yawning is one such behavior they’ve adapted. It’s known that dogs, especially Chihuahuas, often yawn to mimic their favorite human’s actions. 

So, every time your Chihuahua cuts a wide yawn right after you, it’s their unique way of saying, “I am in sync with you, and you are my world!” This act shows their obsession with you as they attune themselves to your patterns.

Signs your Chihuahua is obsessed with you - yawning
Signs your Chihuahua is obsessed with you – yawning

6. They follow you everywhere

Wave a cheerful goodbye to your once treasured solitude – having a Chihuahua that adores you is quite akin to having a furry little shadow! With a heart so brimming with affection, they’ll tail you relentlessly, trailing your every move.

Whether you’re stretching your legs in the garden or cooking up a storm in the kitchen, if your Chihuahua is besotted with you, their tiny paws will be perpetually hot on your heels, undeterred. Their unwavering curiosity coupled with a longing for your company might leave you feeling like the shining star of a caninely-focused surveillance op!

Signs your Chihuahua is obsessed with you - stalking
Signs your Chihuahua is obsessed with you – stalking

7. They get jealous

Have you been showering your attention on other things or people, only to turn around and find your Chihuahua being jealous and looking at you with an accusatory gaze?

This is a clear sign your dog is obsessed with you. Chihuahuas, in particular, have a distinct flair for melodrama when they feel their rightful place at the center of your world is being threatened. Their jealousy isn’t limited to other pets or humans either.

Anything from spending too much time on your phone to reading a book could trigger their need for your exclusive attention. They won’t shy away from reminding you, in their uniquely adorable way, that they’re the stars of your show.

Signs your Chihuahua is obsessed with you - jealousy
Signs your Chihuahua is obsessed with you – jealousy

8. You’re their comfort zone

Your Chihuahua, like clockwork, never misses an opportunity to nestle in your arms. Whether you’re watching TV, sleeping, or reading a book, their constant desire for cuddles is palpable.

These tiny bundles of joy show their obsession with their owners through their insatiable need for close physical comfort.

No matter the scenario – be it a boisterous family gathering or a peaceful rainy afternoon – you can always count on some warm, furry snuggle time. This is one of the many ways they demonstrate their unequivocal attachment to their human.

Signs your Chihuahua is obsessed with you - comfort
Signs your Chihuahua is obsessed with you – comfort


In conclusion, your Chihuahua’s unique actions, from full-body slams to puckered smooches, might be more than just canine capers. They may actually be signs your Chihuahua is obsessed with you.

Embrace these adorably obsessive behaviors in your furry friend, because they simply highlight the special bond between you. Our love for our pets often reflects back in unexpected ways, making our lives richer and certainly more interesting!

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