Chihuahuas are cute and affectionate creatures. They often show their favorite person a lot of love. Sometimes, hilariously, they will become too cute – like this jealous Chihuahua. But, are Chihuahuas jealous dogs?

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Nathan and Alicia Mc Neese have a perfect marriage. Besides, they have an adorable cuddly Chihuahua named Briston. The Chihuahua loves her dad human so much. And, she never hesitates to show her affection for him.

She often curls up with Nathan in order to show that she has a strong relationship with her dad. And, the funny thing is she does that as if she hopes her mom to be jealous of her. However, Alicia just finds that amusing. Her little Bristol is so cute, and a bit ridiculous pup.

Are Chihuahuas Jealous Dogs?

Alicia said that Bristol fell in love with Nathan at the first sight. The couple has two other dogs. But, none of them are as obsessed with Nathan as Bristol is. Obviously, she acts as if he belongs to her. And, she wants to make sure that everyone knows that.

Jealous Chihuahua posing for a picture Screenshot, @alicialuvlee12/TikTok
Jealous Chihuahua posing for a picture Screenshot, @alicialuvlee12/TikTok

“Her go-to person is my husband,” Alicia said. “The bond that they have is incredible.”

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Bristol follows Nathan to go everywhere. He even occupies her mom’s position in the bed. Every time Alicia tries to come in between Bristol and Nathan, the jealous Chihuahua reacts as if Nathan is her boyfriend.

And, nobody has the right to get close to him. She will cuddle up alongside her dad and brassily stare at her mom. But, Alicia is fine with that. It’s just because she has an unconditional love for the tiny pup.

Adorable pup loving her dad. Screenshot, @alicialuvlee12/TikTok
Adorable pup loving her dad. Screenshot, @alicialuvlee12/TikTok

In a TikTok video, Alicia shares a moment that shows Bristol’s jealousy clearly. At first, Alicia rests her head on her husband’s shoulder. Yet, right after she lifts her head, Bristol leaps from the back seat to replace Alicia’s spot. Bristol then places her head on her dad’s shoulder.

Alicia tries to take back her position, but the dog is obviously envious. Therefore, Alicia lifts her head again, and Bristol immediately steals her spot one more time. The pup desperately wants to claim that Nathan is hers, even her mom can’t take him away. Alicia does not get angry at the pup at all, she just laughs instead.

Adorable pup smitten with her dad. Screenshot, @alicialuvlee12/TikTok
Adorable pup smitten with her dad. Screenshot, @alicialuvlee12/TikTok

“I think she was thinking, ‘He’s my human. Move on over, Mom,’” said Alicia.

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