Americans spend almost 22 of 24 hours of their day indoors, which indicates the impact that poor indoor quality can wear human and pet health.

Chihuahuas need up to half-hour each day of exercise, in order that they are less likely than terriers or other ultra-active breeds to be call at the outdoors .

Every day, your chi is exposed to pollutants you’ll not even remember of – including herbicides, flame retardants in soft furnishings and chemicals in cleaning products.

In one EWG investigation, scientists found that four-pawed inhabitants had 2.4 times the amount of perfluorinated compounds (PFCs) that humans did.

Chis who occupy home while their owners are away can indeed be more subject to the consequences of poor indoor quality to a far greater extent than their owners. How can this fact harm your pet, and the way are you able to prevent it?


Humans living in polluted interiors can experience everything from itchy, watery eyes to coughing and respiratory difficulties.

Pets also can encounter these problems, also as many additional ones.

One study, as an example , found that the danger of bladder cancer was significantly increased in household dogs by the utilization of topical insecticides.

If you’re spraying insecticides in your home, chemicals also can make their way into your dog’s lungs – and people of a chihuahua are small, and thus very vulnerable to any chemicals they inhale.

Research has also shown that smoke from burning wood is detrimental to pet respiratory health, as is tobacco. In one study by researchers at Oklahoma State University, it had been found that secondhand smoke is especially harmful to pets because they lick their fur, thereby ingesting also as inhaling a plethora of dangerous chemicals.


Another danger to human and chi health, is mold, which releases spores which will be breathed in. Inhaled mold can cause a good range of symptoms in your pet, including labored breathing, sneezing, coughing, and a runny nose and eyes. It can additionally cause fever and lethargy.

Meanwhile, ingested mold can cause its own array of problems within the alimentary canal . Ensuring spaces are mold-free may be a matter of thorough cleaning, good ventilation and inspection of potential problems in HVAC systems and pipes.


As much as you’ll , choose natural furnishings. Because pressed wood can emit fumes, choose solid wood furniture instead.

Consider removing carpets, since these can accumulate mold, dust and pet dander, and if your chi loves lying down or rolling on the carpet, it could inherit very close contact indeed with dangerous chemicals.

Ventilate your home frequently, and clean with natural products so on reduce your chi’s exposure to bleach and other harsh chemicals.

Finally, try to not burn anything indoors; if you’re keen on candles, choose soy or beeswax, since paraffin candles contain harmful compounds when burned.

Your chi is sure to be a homebody, unless you’re taking him with you everywhere you go.

Make life a breeze for him by choosing natural furniture, flame retardant-free soft furnishings, and wooden or laminate flooring rather than carpets.

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