Chihuahuas are loyal, lively, and sympathetic pets, which are also very easy to look after and care for, thanks to their small stature. Of course, the amount of food required for a Great Dane will be incomparable to that for a Chihuahua. But, how much food should a Chihuahua eat exactly?

It is a dog with an average need for exercise, which means it does not need a high amount of calories. If you have decided to adopt one and are wondering about their diet, please continue reading this article. We at AnimalWised will explain how much food a Chihuahua should eat.

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What will determine the amount of food

As we know, there are two types of Chihuahua: the apple head and the deer head, which differ in size; the latter tends to have a larger head. To meet their nutritional needs, knowing the weight of your Chihuahua is essential, as this will affect the amount of food it requires.

The advantage of this breed is its small size, which allows for a smaller amount of feed. This makes them far more affordable than larger dog breeds.

There are different types of food for Chihuahuas. Before adopting this cute dog breed, we advise you to find the highest quality feed that will keep it healthy and strong, which will directly affect their quality of life and their appearance.

How much food should a Chihuahua puppy eat?

The puppy has some care and specific nutritional needs when it is in its full growth stage. It requires several supplements such as calcium or fats, among others. Most feed sold under the Junior category is perfectly suited to these needs; however, you should take some factors into account:

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  • Until the 5th month of life, the puppy’s needs will increase according to their physical development.
  • Once that time has passed, the puppy’s food can be gradually reduced. This is to prevent obesity, something very common in Chihuahuas.
  • The junior feed has a high caloric content, so as the dog approaches 9 months old, you should start reducing the doses.
  • At this stage, tooth development is important. Find toys that are suitable for the puppy stage.

Below is a table showing the specific feed for Junior puppies. Obviously, the amount to be administered may vary depending on the product brand; as a result, we recommend consulting the table on the back of the product and consulting your veterinarian.

How much Food Should a Chihuahua Eat - How much food should a Chihuahua puppy eat?
Credits: animalwised

How much should an adult Chihuahua eat?

When older than 9 months old, you should change the feed and find one that is specific to its stage in life. There a various options on the market with a variety of brands available for adult dogs.

Remember that exercise is very important for your pet, which should be adapted to its pace and strength. This will make for a super happy and healthy Chihuahua. It’s basic care required in order to prevent obesity in this breed of dog.

The table below shows you the amount of food required for an adult dog, depending on the physical activity undertaken. Look at the back of the feed for the recommended amounts; in case of doubt, consult your trusted veterinarian.

How much Food Should a Chihuahua Eat - How much should an adult Chihuahua eat?
Creditsa: animalwised

What about an old Chihuahua?

After 7 years old, your dog will begin to reduce its physical activity and will enter into old age. For this, there is a range of Senior dog food, which contain fewer calories but has a high quantity of supplements, vitamin, and calcium, all of which are very important for the maintenance of its body.

The amounts tend to be the same as those provided in the adult stage, it is only the composition of the food that varies. Always remember to consult the table of the chosen product or your vet to make sure. If you notice that your dog is lethargic, you could ask your vet about the administration of vitamins as a boost of vitality.

To keep your Chihuahua healthy, it is fundamental that you practice specific exercises for older dogs. You’ll have so much fun together, even in your pet’s later years!

Source: animalwised

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