Have you ever wondered what a hedgehog slash chihuahua looks like? This precious Chihuahua and Yorkie mix is here to unravel that mystery for us. In a video posted by Viral Hog, this cute pup experienced one hell of an electric charge.

As the dog’s owner enjoys a rocking track, he rubs down his buddy’s fur, giving him an extreme case of static hair. Due to her long-haired coat, the puppy’s hair rose almost as high as her legs, making her look as cool as can be.

What’s even more adorable about her stance is that she wears her new hedgehog look proudly, struttin’ and tuttin’ around her den. She knows she’s amazing, and we love putting her in the spotlight for it. After all, diva dogs are to die for, and we are all here for it.

If you want to see more cute Chi’s like this, we suggest you check out Chewie, Mini, or Morty. There are many other pups in need of a home, that you can find on our platform. Moreover, we have plenty of other heartwarming stories, videos, and pics that you can enjoy. So, make sure to bring your friends here and enjoy everything that pups got to offer.

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