A Faulkner County sheriff’s office deputy shot and killed a dog as he was attempting to locate a sex offender in Greenbrier. This was according to agency spokeswoman Deputy Erinn Stone. The sheriff’s office would not identify the deputy involved.

Stone said the shooting occurred Monday afternoon at 76 Autumn Hills Road in Greenbrier. “Investigators went to 72 Autumn Hills for a sex offender compliance check. The person at that address told the officer that the sex offender possibly lived at the next address. This was 76 Autumn Hills,” Stone said.

“The officer went to 76 Autumn Hills to investigate the whereabouts of a sex offender. Now, the shooting is now under internal review.”

faulkner county sheriff t800
A Faulkner County sheriff’s office vehicle is shown in this photo.

The Faulkner County Fiasco

Stone said no other information would be released at this time.

A man named Chris Coiner, who lives at 76 Autumn Hills Road, posted a graphic video on Facebook. He was showing a black and white, medium-sized dog on the ground and not moving.

The video also shows Coiner screaming obscenities at the unidentified deputy. This was as the deputy heads to a black Dodge Ram truck.

“What is your name? What is your name?” Coiner screams repeatedly. The deputy responds, “Investigator Freeman, Faulkner County Sheriff’s Department.”

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When asked, Stone would not confirm the deputy’s name.

In the video, the deputy reads “72 Autumn Hills” from a clipboard when Coiner asked the address he was looking for.

“Over there!” Coiner said as he continued to scream obscenities and to tell the deputy, “Get off my property now!”

The Remains of the Horrendous Case

In the video, a woman is sobbing over the dog’s lifeless body and pleading with Coiner to “Calm down.”

On a Facebook post, Coiner identified the dog as “Clide”, saying the deputy shot the dog in Coiner’s yard for barking at the officer.

In another post, Coiner urged others “concerned about the actions and accountability” of the deputy to contact the Faulkner County sheriff’s office.

Coiner also referenced a 2019 incident in which former Faulkner County sheriff’s deputy Keenan Wallace was terminated after he was recorded shooting a small dog while answering a service call in Shiloh Estates near Conway.

That dog — a Chihuahua mix known as Reese’s — suffered a broken jaw but survived the shooting.

Wallace pleaded guilty to misdemeanor cruelty to animals and received a 12-month suspended sentence and paid $785 in fines, fees and restitution.

Source: arkansasonline

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