This is the adorable moment a dog joins a sleepy baby during its nap.

In the sweet clip, the infant can barely keep its eyes open and sways back and forth on the sofa.

Out of nowhere, a light-colored chihuahua wanders to the child before sitting on the baby.

  • This is the sweet moment a baby drifts off to sleep on a chihuahua
  • The dog wanders over to the infant, who can barely keep its eyes open
  • The canine sits down on the child, who then begins to fall asleep while leaning on its furry friend

The adorable duo sitting on the grey sofa are about the same size.

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The cute baby is dressed in leggings and a grey jumper, with its tiny feet bare.

image 11
An equally cute chihuahua joined this adorable baby during her afternoon nap.

Sucking its thumb, the cute baby is just about to fall asleep and a Chihuahua was just in time to join the infant. While the baby drifts off to sleep, the pooch sits, just in front her as if ,it wants to hold her on its back! Without knowing the wise decision of her pooch, the cute little infant is swaying back and forth in the sofa and finally fall asleep leaning on its back!

Once the puppy sits down, the child falls forward and appears to take a snooze on the furry friend.

Despite the baby’s exhaustion, the dog did not seem sleepy at all – but was enjoying the cuddles with his young friend.

Enjoy watching this adorable video and fall in love with this cuteness!

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