This story was submitted as part of the Fur-test Scrapbook contest. My girl Leesy has come a long way. She makes me laugh out loud all day. A foster Chihuahua fail.

In her first week, she bit a neighbor. Now, although she doesn’t like everyone, she’s such a lover of most. Her little paw grabs everyone’s hand to pet her.

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Foster Chihuahua Who Bit Neighbor Becomes a Sweetheart 5

She’ll lay across my mouth if I’m on the phone too long and sitting or reclining. She waits for me to get back in bed with my oatmeal and coffee then jump up while I lift my oatmeal and sit quietly until I’m done licking the bowl. I walk around my kitchen island in the evening to ensure I get my daily steps in. If it’s 5 pm (dinner time), she’ll start following me in circles until I feed her.

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Many foster Chihuahua pups fear loud noises, thunder, vacuums, and fireworks. Not my Leesy and she wants to eat them. Did I mention she’s 13 pounds? A chihuahua and rat terrier combo with laughable ears. I had no intention of keeping her, but after she bit my neighbor, well. She became mine. It’s been five years, and I cannot imagine life without her.

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Foster Chihuahua Who Bit Neighbor Becomes a Sweetheart 6

Story submitted by Lynn Jacobson in support of Reach Out Rescue & Resources. Submit your Fur-test Scrapbook story here!

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