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Normal wear and tear on joints occur daily. Cartilage protects your dog’s bones and joints from the friction caused by everyday movement. Natural glucosamine—a building block of cartilage tissue—can help maintain cartilage for healthy joints and mobility.

What is cartilage?

Cartilage may be a tissue found at the ends of bones within the joint areas that act as a cushion. it’s composed of a sponge-like mass of cells, alongside proteins, special substances that stand up and therefore the water itself. Glucosamine is a building block to make these special water-holding substances.

Why is cartilage important?

Healthy cartilage is completely essential for correct joint function and overall mobility. Happy, healthy, active dogs need healthy cartilage and a diet that supports overall well-being, including joint health.

Where does glucosamine come from?

Glucosamine occurs naturally in several common pet food ingredients. Purina uses several poultry and meat sources and guarantees the extent of glucosamine in several of their adult dog formulas. Glucosamine is additionally produced within the body itself.

Does natural glucosamine benefit senior dogs only?

No, wear and tear on cartilage occurs over a lifetime, so glucosamine helps maintain healthy joints in your dog throughout their life.

How does the body maintain healthy cartilage?

Chondrocytes are cells present within the cartilage of joints. These cells use glucosamine and other compounds supplied by the diet or produced within the body to form and maintain proteins and therefore the water-binding substances within the cartilage. this enables the cartilage to function as a shock .

What role does glucosamine play in joint health?

As a building block of cartilage, glucosamine can help support joint health and mobility.

What are you able to do to assist keep your dog’s joints healthy?

There are three simple ways to assist support healthy joints:


Feed your dog a diet which contains guaranteed levels of natural glucosamine, a building block of cartilage.

Weight management

Keep your dog at a healthy weight; overweight dogs can develop joint problems and a dog’s bones, joints, muscles, and associated tendons and ligaments all work together to offer him smooth and efficient movement

  • Maintaining the right weight is extremely important for helping maintain good joint health
  • Exercise
  • Proper exercise is vital to stay muscles toned and joints flexible
  • Consult your veterinarian about your dog’s exercise requirements

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