A Chihuahua owned by tourists visiting San Francisco for a single afternoon. He was stolen in a smash-and-grab this weekend, they allege.

On May 24, Amanda Chapman and her wife Rebecca’s vehicle parked in front of Fisherman’s Wharf, across from Pier 33. They stole him, Rylee, from their parked van. Along with luggage and other electronics.

“They could’ve taken every single item that we had. Every belonging that we had in that van. And if we still had her, it would be wonderful with us,” Chapman told KRON. “Honestly, we want her home safe and don’t care about any other stuff.”

The couple was in San Francisco celebrating Amanda’s birthday in late May, KRON reported. After the smash-and-grab, they canceled the rest of their plans in the city. And they return with force to Arkansas without Rylee.



Rylee was stolen from her owner’s car while parked in SF near Pier 33 after a window was smashed. The family is visiting from Arkansas. She’s an 8 month old grey colored chihuahua w/ tan feet & markings. There’s a cash reward.

Contact: Dustin.w.dorsey@abc.com


“I feel the only hope for a reunion is getting Rylee’s face out on TV.” Wrote the couple’s friend, Bay Area resident Colette Dunleavy, in an email to Bay City News.

“They’ve left with the worst possible impression of our city. Please help me redeem SF!”

The couple also offers a cash reward for information about Rylee’s whereabouts. They told KRON.

Maybe they thought they were saving him from a hot car? It was warm today – that’s how some commented when they read about the case on Twitter.

Larry commented: “Maybe anyone who thinks they should decide that is a criminal if they can’t provide evidence. And where did they the pet?”

The only thing left for us is to pray to find the stolen dog.

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