Dazzle & Fizz organized an awesome party for Oscar and his ten canine friends in London. The party cost £5000 and this is what happened.

Birthdays are a big deal when you are eight years old.

But for most parents, the idea of spending £5,000 on a kid’s party is out of the question.

So it’s even more extraordinary that Oscar’s parents splashed the cash on party planners and everything a child that age would ever dream of to make their special day.

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Oscar was the guest of honour at his £5k birthday (Image: Dazzle & Fizz / Instagram)

Especially since Oscar is a DOG.

Dazzle & Fizz is a celebrity party planner team. They usually specialize in children’s birthdays, but not this time. This extraordinary event was about a Chihuahua, and his ten dog friends. And, it had an entire budget of £5000.

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£5000 for a Chihuahua's Birthday Party 5

The founder, Charlotte Melia, is more used to organizing events for under-tens costing anywhere in the region of £5,000 to £250,000 a time.

Turning her talents to Oscar’s bash, the company provided bespoke doggy cakes and cookies. Moreover, they also brought a 3D dog house, personalized doggy gift bags, bowls, and organic food. It was dog heaven, and we are kind of jealous we couldn’t participate!

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