Chicago firefighters came to the rescue of a Chihuahua named Moky. He was stuck in a drain while taking a bath at his owner’s apartment. Maria Aguila, Moky’s owner, called 311 when she realized that her dog’s paw was stuck in the drain. After four hours of waiting with no response, she called PETA, who in turn alerted the fire department. Firefighters arrived on the scene and worked for almost five hours to rescue the trapped dog.

Moky, one lucky dog | Provided photo
Moky, one lucky dog | Provided photo

Monkey’s paw had gotten lodged in the drain while Aguila was giving him a bath. And the firefighters had to cut through a pipe under the tub to free him. After seven hours, Moky was finally rescued by Chicago firefighters, and he leaped into his owner’s arms, relieved to be out of the drain.

The rescue operation involved four Chicago Fire Department vehicles and a team of 16 professionals, including Chicago Fire Capt. Mark Altman. Altman oversaw the rescue and said that the family was very grateful for their efforts. After the rescue, the People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) awarded the Chicago Fire Department with a “Compassionate Fire Department Award” and a box of vegan cookies.

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Despite being physically fine, Moky is still traumatized by the incident. According to Aguila, he now runs from the bathroom. Firefighters noted that they brought four pieces of equipment for one tiny dog. They never know what tools might be needed in a rescue.

This heartwarming story highlights the dedication and compassion of the Chicago Fire Department and the importance of animal rescue efforts. It also serves as a reminder to pet owners to take precautions when giving their pets baths to avoid potential accidents.

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