Do you have an owner and Chihuahua Dance Partner? Chihuahuas are not only excellent companions but also suitable as dance partners. Yes, you read that right, “dance partners.”

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This story doesn’t just feature a random dog jiving on to a specific beat – it is a ballet dance routine!

Ladies and gentlemen, presenting Joya, the dancing chihuahua.

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This little furry dancer and her owner, Karin Bauman, wowed everyone watching when their duo performed a routine in one of the most popular ballets of all time, ‘Swan Lake.’

It was for what seemed to be a special show featuring dogs in Germany last year. The two didn’t disappoint, and soon you’ll know why.

I was wondering how a dog could nail such a problematic routine. This video of their performance will indeed prove all the doubters wrong.

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Joya started with some dog agility routine while her human mama Karin was cueing each of the little dancer’s movements.

The routine suddenly went one notch higher when the dog started prancing her little paws sideways. This tiny doggo knows how to entertain people, and she’s doing it flawlessly!

Never miss a beat!

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In dancing, timing is everything, and Joya knows precisely what she is doing during their routine.

With the help of Bauman, the dog performed well along with the music. It’s safe to say she was one with the music because she didn’t miss a beat – not even once.

This dancing chihuahua must’ve undergone countless practices to be this good during a live performance. If you aren’t entertained yet, brace yourself for what’s about to happen next.

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If you’ve noticed, Joya’s tail was wagging almost non-stop during the entire routine. It simply shows how happy she was while performing in front of people.

The dog’s balance and posture were both superb. She also appeared to be doing some dog agility training drills.

Hops, twirls, prances, and looks at the audience.

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Talking about showmanship, Joya has it. It looks like she’s been doing live performances for quite some time already.

However, we’ve noticed that the sweet little dancer was missing a tutu! It could’ve been a lot better if she wore one, wouldn’t you agree?

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When they were almost on the last part of their routine, Joya began blazing all over the place like there was no tomorrow.

Although Joya and Bauman performed in a grassy area, they gave everyone a theatrical vibe because of their impeccably good routine.

Let’s not take it away from Karin for being a great dog owner and a fantastic ballet teacher.

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A few months ago, they did the same routine during the Crufts’ Heelwork To Music competition.

Aside from the crowd, they were also able to amaze tens to hundreds of thousands of other people online.

One YouTube user wrote a heartfelt comment that best describes Joya and Karin’s overall performance: “Rarely am I so sorely stirred to such emotion… Well done, little friend. You have awakened this dormant heart and quieted the tempestuous melancholy of the mind. A truly haunting tragedy poised with such beauty and grace like no other. Harken, dear reader, for the master of tippy taps may come knocking on your soul next door. Will you answer the call?”

Watch the video below to see their fantastic performance.

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