Fifteen years ago, a small-town chihuahua rose to internet fame – all thanks to his beautiful singing voice! It all started when Michael Newberry shared a video of the dog accompanying his owner, mama Nana, in a sweet duet. He uploaded the video to YouTube, and it wasn’t long before the clip had amassed over 1.5 million views and hundreds of comments.

The little pup, Tio, became an overnight hit with his music, even though he didn’t get many of the notes right.

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The clip featured Nana singing her tunes, and Tio joined as an accompaniment.

Tio belted out some high-pitched yelps right alongside his owner and the duo’s relationship with one another that made the clip so special.

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singing sweet duet

It’s very clear from the video that Nana and Tio genuinely love one another. Sometimes our pets are so much more than that – they’re family. It seems that’s the kind of relationship Tio and Nana share.

Just check out the duet below:

YouTube video

The video was posted way back around 2007, but people continue to watch it and reflect on how sweet the two are. And, of course, to admire Tio’s fabulous singing.

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