A Washington state family has been reunited with the dog that saved their life by waking them up as their house fire filled the surroundings with smoke.

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Bob Fisher and Tracie Fox escaped their burning Federal Way house as the fire spread from their garage on Wednesday morning. But when they got out, Chloe was missing, according to KOMO 4 News.

The 5-pound Chihuahua’s frantic barking and pawing woke her owners as they slept, unaware of the danger. Their daughter, Devon, crawled on the floor to escape, and their other dog got out, but Chloe was nowhere to be found.


Firefighters were amazed to find the tiny pup after it put out the flames.

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“She saved us,” Fox said.

“She’s hiding somewhere and going to be alive,” Fisher told his wife, Fox, as their house burned. But firefighters said there’s no way the pup could have survived the heavy smoke.


Chloe, a 5-pound Chihuahua, saved her entire family by barking loudly to wake them up. The house was a total loss, but firefighters got the blaze under control. The family lost another dog in the fire and assumed they had also lost Chloe.

The three went to the hospital for smoke inhalation, and someone was waiting for them when they returned. The firefighters plucked Chloe — covered in ash — from the rubble and handed her over. The owners could not hold back tears as they cuddled their rescued dogs in front of TV cameras.


“This would have killed me, and all that matters is that they’re both here,” Fox told the TV station.

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