Brothers Ronnie and Reggie C are “fun-loving” chihuahuas hoping to celebrate their next birthday in their new home together.

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Ronnie and Reggie are looking for a loving new home together – Credit: Dogs Trust.

They are among the many dogs waiting to be adopted at Dogs Trust rehoming center in Snetterton. 

Could you rehome this cheeky pair?

Ronnie and Reggie C, Chihuahuas 

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Ronnie and Reggie C are looking for a new home together – Credit: Dogs Trust.

Age: one to two-years 

Sex: Male 

A Dogs Trust spokesperson said: “Reggie C and Ronnie are ready to find a permanent sofa to hang out on 

“These fun-loving chihuahuas are coming up for two years old in November and would love to celebrate their upcoming birthday with a forever family. 

“Ronnie is the bigger one of two and slips tightly more confident around new people.  

“Reggie C takes a little while to warm up to new people, so I prefer a gentle approach to get to know someone. 

“Reggie C and Ronnie are looking for a home where the children in the house are no younger than 12 years old.  

“But they are not too keen on other dogs and like to make this known by lots of barking when they see one.” 

Ed & Bud, Terrier Cross 

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Ed and Bud are looking for a new home together – Credit: Dogs Trust

Age: Eight and over 

Sex: Males 

“Meet the delightful duo, Ed and Bud.  

“These little terrier pals would like a home together as they are very bonded and rely on each other for confidence.  

“They can be a little worried by new people to start with. But once they know you, they are both very affectionate and eager to be in your company.

Ed and Bud would like a patient adult-only home. That is willing to come and meet them a few times until they are comfortable. We promise they are worth it. 

“Their ideal home would be somewhere there aren’t too many visitors or lots of much. 

“A garden would be lovely for them, but this isn’t essential as long as they’ve got regular outdoor access.  

“Ed and Bud would like to be the only pets in the home but could have doggy friends out and about.”

Murphy, Beagle 

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Murphy is up for adoption at Dogs Trust in Snetterton – Credit: Dogs Trust.

Age: Two to five-years-old 

Sex: Male 

“Murphy loves to go on plenty of adventures where he can use his fantastic nose to sniff the environment.  

“He is a dog who likes to be on the go and so would enjoy a relatively active home that can give him plenty of interaction and mental stimulation.  

“Murphy is a little conflicted and worried about new environments and people. So a potential adopter would need to come and meet Murphy a few times before taking him home. 

“He would like to live in an adult-only home in a quiet area.  

“He has managed to jump a fence before, so a fully secure garden with minimum 6ft fencing is essential.  

“Murphy can be a little protective of his toys and food. And so care should be taken if Murphy is showing signs of resource guarding.  

“He would like to be the only pet in the home as he can be very vocal when he sees other dogs, although he should be able to have doggy friends out and about if introduced positively.” 

Becky, Labrador  

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Becky is up for adoption at Dogs Trust in Snetterton – Credit: Dogs Trust.

Sex: Female 

Age: Seven-years-old 

“Beautiful girl Becky is ready to find herself a new forever home. 

“She is a seven-year-old Labrador with a real zest for life – especially regarding food. 

“She is always busy, and on the go, so she would love a home that can match her high energy and provide her with plenty of stimulation.  

“When Becky first arrived, she was distraught by strangers passing her kennel, but she has slowly started to settle down with this.  

“She is much more comfortable meeting people out and about, but she may still need a potential adopter to take things slow in the beginning and get to know her at her own pace. 

“Becky is looking for a home with someone with plenty of time to dedicate to her as she would find it challenging to be left.”.

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