Two Pomeranians were allegedly torn apart by two American Staffies on Friday. Mrs. Mobin had placed her dogs, Candy sand Coco, with a dog sitter in Melbourne. She was attending the FIFA World Cup in Qatar when it killed her dogs. The pet sitter called her, alleging her dogs had been mauled by the two Staffies. The dog’s owner flew back to Melbourne to deal with the situation. The neighbor who housed the Staffies was allegedly abusive to Mrs. Mobin.

Two Pomeranians

They have been savaged to death in a backyard after two Staffies allegedly chewed through a fence. They causing the dogs’ traumatized owner to make a mercy dash home from overseas. Candy and Coco were being looked after at home in Melbourne’s north last Friday while their owner Mrs. Mobin was in Qatar for the FIFA World Cup. It is understood two American Staffordshire Terriers from next door gnawed a hole through the wooden fence. And attacked the two pooches while the pet sitter was out shopping. 

Mrs. Mobin, who took a flight home straight away, said the neighbor who allegedly housed the vicious dogs laughed at her when she confronted him.

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The distraught owner told Daily Mail Australia her family has been housebound since the tragedy, crying and taking sleeping tablets to get through.

The distraught owner told Daily Mail Australia her family has been housebound since the tragedy, crying and taking sleeping tablets to get through.

‘She’s not eating, she’s not going to university, not doing anything, she just has panic attacks,’ she said. 

She is just crying

‘I took her to the hospital, and she is taking a lot of sleeping tablets to calm her down. She is just crying and crying every day.’ 

Mrs. Mobin had dropped her beloved pups off at the Epping home on November 19 before heading overseas. 

She said she had used the dog sitter several times before, but It had looked after them\ at a different home. 

The pet sitter sent Mrs. Mobin regular updates on how the pups were doing while she was in Qatar – but rang her in a panicked state on Friday. 

‘She was crying and saying ‘we have a situation,’ Mrs. Mobin told Nine News.  

The shocked owner was told they had attacked the dogs while they were in the backyard – and one was missing. 

Coco couldn’t be saved after being taken to the vet and the other canine, Candy, was nowhere to be seen. 

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Daily Mail Australia

The minder went next door to ask about the dog but was rebuffed and couldn’t search for her. 

Mrs. Mobin took a 13-hour flight home to Melbourne the next day and said the whole family was ‘shocked and traumatized. Friends of Mrs. Mobin approached the neighbor but were allegedly refused entry to look for Candy. 

Victoria police went to the property on Saturday and found Candy’s body in the man’s backyard. 

After Mrs. Mobin touched down in Melbourne, she went to the vet hospital to farewell her adored pets before heading to the neighbor’s home. 

She said the man allegedly abused and laughed at her when she approached him, adding the dogs were a threat to the community.

‘My Coco was cut from the neck like a knife,’ she said.

A spokesperson from Whittlesea Council said the incident was under investigation. 

It is unknown if the dogs in the alleged attack have been seized.  

Daily Mail Australia contacted the council for comment.  


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