The actress’ Chihuahua, Pilaf, has perfected the doggy paddle. Demi Moore has spent the dog days of summer on the beach with her adorable pup, Pilaf, teaching the Chihuahua how to swim. 

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Demi Moore

The actress shared the heartwarming moment with her little tiny fur-baby on Instagram yesterday. Moore rocked an olive green bikini in the video as she guided her dog through the waves and back to the shore. 

The 59-year-old actress clapped and cheered her fur-baby on as she watched him doggy paddle through the crystal clear shallow waters.

Swimming lessons with Pilaf!” she captioned the video

Many fans took to the comments to applaud Pilaf for his perfect swim strategy.  

“Swim team material 😂🐶💛,” one fan joked.

While another fan gushed over the adorable dog and his endearing owner, “Awww, too cute ❤️.” 

The actress posted another waterfront photo from her getaway in Greece a few days ago. Moore donned a vintage-style white crocheted halter top and high-rise bikini set in this post. And bid farewell to the last few days of summer.

“Soaking up the last days of summer ☀️,” she wrote in the photo’s caption.  

While the rest of Moore’s plans for her Mediterranean vacation have not been revealed, if there’s one thing we can confirm, the actress is certainly living her best life this summer. 

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