Brie, a Chihuahua, is rescue from a puppy farm. There, she was drowning in a slurry pit after having two litters. She weighed just one pound and suffered from post-traumatic shock. They kept her in darkness and filth, and gave her little food or veterinary care. After almost a year of care from her new owner Claire Stokoe, Brie has undergone a transformation and is now making people happy.

Brie’s Rescue

The puppy farm planned to drown Brie, a Chihuahua with two litters, in a slurry pit. Weighing only one pound, Brie suffered from post-traumatic shock. They kept her in darkness, filth, and gave her little food or veterinary care. Without her rescue, Brie, honored for her puppies, would have faced a tragic end.


Brie’s Adoption

Claire Stokoe was looking for a new Chihuahua and fell in love with Brie after spotting her pictures online. She decided to travel more than 300 miles from her home in Consett, County Durham, to Carmarthenshire in Wales to adopt her. She named Brie after Lady Brienne of Tarth from the TV series Game of Thrones.

Brie’s Recovery

They warned Ms. Stokoe that Brie wouldn’t walk off-lead, eat properly, show any affection, and would have health problems. However, after almost a year of care from Claire Stokoe, Brie, who now weighs three-and-a-half pounds, has undergone a transformation and is a completely different dog. She is now looking at the picture of good health.

Brie’s Instagram

Fame Ms. Stokoe created an Instagram account for Brie to document her journey, and it started to take off. She now has over 14,500 followers on Instagram. Ms. Stokoe receives two or three packages weekly, mostly of clothes people have made for Brie. Brie cheers people up, and it is good to know that she is making people happy.


Claire Stokoe adopted Brie, the Chihuahua who was rescued from a puppy farm, and she has gained internet fame. Brie was facing a tragic end if not rescued from the puppy farm. After almost a year of care, Brie is now a different dog and is making people happy. Brie’s journey shows how love and care can make a difference in an animal’s life.

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