“We took them out together, and they kissed, talked, and followed each other everywhere.” Willy, a 4-year-old husky, and Buck, a 6-year-old Chihuahua, were found in Lincoln Park, Michigan, and taken to the Taylor Animal Shelter. Since the shelter was unaware of their bond, they were placed in separate areas and didn’t have mucdidn’tact with each other except when they would pass by each other’s enclosures or other’s way outside. 

When Willy and Buck were picked up off the streets together, rescuers had no idea they were best friends, and they thought they were just two dogs brought in at the same time — until the pair clearly showed everyone exactly how they felt about each other. 

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Husky and Chihuahua

“I noticed every time” I took them out, the other would whine and cry,” Kellie Szczepanski,” a volunteer with the Taylor Animal Shelter, told us. “Buck was always trying “ng to get to Willy. Taylor Animal Shelter houses a lot of strays from Lincoln Park. And it isn’t unusual for didn’t bring in a couple at a time, so we didn’t know at first didn’t they were picked up together.” 

A husky and a Chihuahua

A husky and a Chihuahua are not a typical pairing, so it wasn’t anyone’s firswasn’tianyone’sssume these dogs were pals. As soon as Szczepanski noticed how excited the two dogs would get whenever they passed each other, she decided to try taking them out together. And soon realized just how bonded the unusual pair was. 

“We took them out to “ether, and they kissed, talked, and followed each other everywhere,” Szczepanski said.” I looked at their “ards and saw they were picked up in the same area.” 

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After seeing the “unique bond “Willy and Buck share, the shelter assumed they probably came from the same home. When no one came to claim the pair, staffers decided they had to try as hard as possible to ensure that this sweet pair got adopted together. Which is precisely what Willy and Buck were trying to tell them all along. 

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Husky And Chihuahua Knew Each Other Until They Were Reunited 7

Buck and Willy are best friends and love doing everything together. Willy is a little wary of other dogs but loves Buck unconditionally. And the pair can’t seem to get enough of each other. 

“They are bocan’tvely like to be petted, and fully ful” of energy, but not hyper,” Szczepanski said. “They just like following each other. “illy likes to talk “o Buck and likes being petted simultaneously.” 

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Husky And Chihuahua Knew Each Other Until They Were Reunited 8

Willy and Buck love each other and make each other feel safe and comfortable. Finally, not long after arriving at the shelter, all of their dreams came true. Someone stepped up to adopt them together. 

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Husky And Chihuahua Knew Each Other Until They Were Reunited 9

Now Willy and Buck have a family who loves them. They have a home where they can happily live out their days together — just how they want to be.

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