There are many cute videos on YouTube where a Chihuahua owner kisses their dog’s baby.

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Do Chihuahuas like kisses? 7

Do Chihuahuas like kisses? keep reading to discover:

  • How a Chi might misinterpret your kisses.
  • How to tell if your Chihuahua likes your kisses or not.
  • Why your Chi licks you (hint: it’s not always out of affection).
  • And more…

Do Chihuahuas like kisses?

Chihuahuas don’t like kisses by default. From a Chihuahua’s perspective, kisses can be seen as threatening behavior, and an owner can still train their Chihuahua to accept and even like kisses from puppyhood.

So, even though this answers the burning question, there are still some details we can delve into. That’s why this article provides information on how to understand Chihuahuas better.

By reading further, you will learn how to tell if a specific Chihuahua enjoys being kissed or not. And also how to show affection to your Chihuahua if they don’t like kisses. And last but not least, how to avoid dangerous situations.

Let’s look at how healthy dogs and humans interpret each other’s behavior.

Is the Chihuahua’s licking the equivalent of a human kiss?

If you’re a dog lover, you most certainly enjoy it when a dog tries to lick your hand or face. You might not be particularly excited about getting saliva on your skin, but as the saying goes, ‘it’s the thought that counts.

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Do Chihuahuas like kisses? 8

Have you ever given thought to why a dog does that?

There are multiple scenarios where you see dogs licking their owner, the owner’s friends, or even strangers. What drives a dog to react that way?

You might think the dog is excited to see you and wants to give you some love. While this is true on some occasions, it couldn’t be further away from the truth in others.

Chihuahuas’ licking is not necessarily the equivalent of what we humans know as ‘kissing.’

A Chihuahua might lick you to greet you, show submissive behavior, get a better taste of the last snack you’ve eaten, or simply because they detect a new smell on your body.

Curious fact: Licking is related to releasing endorphins. This allows dogs to feel comfort and pleasure. It serves to reduce stress as well.

When a Chihuahua licks another dog’s muzzle, it could be because they perceive the other dog as the dominant one.

Or, the Chihuahua might want to find out what the other doggo ate.

Do Chihuahuas understand why we kiss them?

I remember trying to give my dog Ejy (my mini spitz-Pomeranian mix) a friendly kiss. He wasn’t as enthusiastic about it as it seemed…

How did I know?

He turned his head away. I thought he needed more time to get used to it back then. What he made of my intention was quite different, and I was yet to find out…

Whether the Chihuahua understands why you’re kissing them depends on the individual dog.

If a Chihuahua hasn’t been adequately socialized as a puppy, it might have a strong reaction if someone attempts to hug, kiss, or get close in general.

But why?

The most common reason for dogs of all breeds is that this resembles invasive dog-to-dog communication. 

When two dogs meet, there are two ways to approach each other…

If the dog who comes closer means well, they’ll approach the dog who is standing still from the side.

If the newcomer approaches the standing dog from the front, facing them directly, it means danger. This will cause tension between the two of them, which can rise into a fight in seconds.

To understand it better, we can classify these two ways as a ‘polite’ and a ‘rude’ manner for dogs to greet each other.

So, what did we learn from this? As it turns out, our kissing behavior might not seem harmless to Chihuahuas, which bears its dangers.

The dangers of kissing other people’s Chihuahuas

Dangers Of Kissing Other Peoples Chihuahua.jpg

Enjoy bit me that day… I didn’t see it coming. I looked at him, shocked, and sensed a thin bloodline rolling a bit above my lips. At the time, I got mad, failing to see my fault.

And most importantly, if it wasn’t for my persistence in invading Ejy’s personal space, all of this could have been avoided.

A Chihuahua could seem like a cute fragile toy, but in the end, it’s still a dog, regardless of its appearance. And as such, it can react impulsively. Understand – biting.

Don’t underestimate the bite of a small dog. They still have sharp teeth and can cause damage to your skin, namely your face.

Caution: Kids should be supervised around Chihuahuas. Kids tend to act fast and unpredictably, activating a Chihuahua’s fight or flight instinct. Make sure you educate your family and people who have kids on how not to approach your Chihuahua to avoid accidents.

Nine ways to tell if a Chihuahua likes being kissed (#4 and #9 are essential)

When attempting to kiss Ejy, I viewed our interaction as a fun game. I thought that by turning his head, he was avoiding me (this much was true) but what I failed to recognize was his warning sign.

#1: Turning their head to the side

If the Chihuahua turns their head in the opposite direction when you try to kiss them, stop. Don’t push your luck.

They’re telling you ‘I ‘don’t want any trouble. Please, leave me alone. I’m uncomfortable.’

#2: Ducking their head

Suppose your Chihuahua is standing on the couch, and you try to kiss them on the head. If the dog lowers their head, it’s a ‘no-no.’ The Chihuahua doesn’t want your kiss and is trying to avoid it.

#3: Growling at you

This one is pretty straightforward. If you hear a snarl or a growl, the Chihuahua might be seconds away from snapping at you.

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#4: Licking you

If they’re licking your face while you’re giving them kisses, this can mean something different than them licking your face in other situations.

If your Chihuahua starts licking you excessively, what they’re trying to do is make you stop kissing them.

It is straightforward to be mistaken for the dog giving kisses back, while they might be stressed out by us kissing them.

Another reason why your Chihuahua could be licking you is to show affection. Or because it is a habit.

Here’s a Chihuahua giving affection after it has been scratched:
  • Tip: Pay attention to how often your Chihuahua licks you and if they do it, mainly when you attempt to kiss them.

#5: Nagging at you with their paw

That means the Chihuahua wants you to give them more kisses.

Like in this lovely video:

YouTube video

#6: Licking their lips

If a Chihuahua licks their lips when there’s no food in sight, it might be comforting behavior. Dogs do this when they’re anxious.

#7: Tucking their tail between the legs

Oh-oh, not good. This almost screams, ‘I’m scared, don’t hurt me.’ This usually happens when the Chihuahua is in the company of another dog or person they consider dominant.

#8: Yawning

Yawning, much like licking the lips, is a calming signal. Yawning could be accompanied by averting the eyes. It occurs when your dog feels threatened or anxious.

#9: Stiffened tail wag

Because this reaction is about tail wagging, don’t brush it off as irrelevant, and it’s not your usual tail wag.

If you notice your Chihuahua stiffening their body and making a high, stiff wag, it might be seconds away from attacking.

That applies to both humans and other dogs. Be on the lookout for this sign whenever you or anyone else approaches your Chihuahua.

Is it okay to kiss my Chihuahua?

Is it okay to kiss my Chihuahua

In terms of hygiene, this is best answered when you know what your dog has sniffed and eaten. If you let your Chihuahua stroll around without a lead and they tend to eat whatever they find on the street, it’s not the best idea.

But if you decontaminate your Chihuahua regularly, both externally and internally, you shouldn’t have anything to worry about.

In that case, it comes down to the fact whether you’re grossed out to give kisses or not.

And then, last but not least – do what your Chihuahua is comfortable with. If they’re okay with kisses, go ahead. If they look somewhat hesitant, don’t push their limits.

Is it safer to kiss my Chihuahua on the head than on the mouth?

The bacteria a dog carries in their mouth depends on what they eat and lick. Whether you kiss your Chihuahua on the mouth or the head doesn’t make much difference.

For example, bacteria in the dog’s ear due to infection could be transmitted to other parts of the body. It happens through scratching and licking.

The good news is that most bacteria are harmless to humans, so you have nothing to worry about.

11 ways Chihuahuas show affection

Kissing, above all, is a sign of affection. And although Chihuahuas don’t precisely ‘kiss,’ they’re very affectionate. They show you this by:

#1: Licking your face and hands

Like in this video:

YouTube video

There are particular messages your Chihuahua might want to pass on to you while licking. One of them is, ‘I respect you and acknowledge your authority. Another much more favorable to us is ‘I love you!’.

#2: Cuddling

There’s nothing like cuddling to tell you how much your Chihuahua enjoys being around you at that very moment.

#3: Leaning toward you

If your Chihuahua leans on your body or legs with total body weight, it means they trust you. If your Chihuahua opens their mouth and looks at you simultaneously, it indicates they’re relaxed.

#4: Looking you in the eyes

Sometimes your Chihuahua will continuously look you in the eyes without barking or jumping at you. This shows you that the dog doesn’t want anything from you at the moment (such as food or a toy) but enjoys your company.

#5: Curling up in your lap

The Chihuahua is a perfect lap dog you can take with you anywhere they allow toy dog breeds. They won’t hesitate to curl up in your lap at home or wherever you bring them if they feel relaxed.

#6: Resting their head or a paw on you

Have you noticed how your Chihuahua likes to rest a part of its body on you? That’s how they feel closer to you. This also resembles how puppies sleep while they’re still in a litter.

#7: Giving a full-body shake

This one you can’t mistake for anything else! It’s fantastic when your Chihuahua sees you open the door of your house and gives you a warm ‘full-body shake’ welcome. It looks like a mixture of dance and an exercise routine.

#8: Wagging their tail

One of the most common indicators of dog happiness and excitement is tail-wagging.

#9: Rubbing their face on you

If you’re lying down in bed and your Chihuahua jumps in, getting closer to you and rubbing its face on your body, this is no coincidence.

#10: Rolling on their back

It’s one of the cutest things a Chihuahua would do, and that’s how your Chihuahua shows they trust you. It’s also a very straightforward way to ask for belly rubs. And how can you resist not giving them some?

#11: Jumping

When it comes to bigger dogs, many people don’t encourage this behavior. On the other hand, it’s easier for an owner and others to forgive a petite dog like the Chihuahua.

Usually, dogs feel drawn to our faces. So it’s not uncommon to expect that your Chihuahua will give you a lick powered by a jump if you bend forward. By doing so, your Chihuahua shows they care about you.

#12: Sharing their favorite toy with you

Whenever your Chihuahua brings you their favorite toy, it’s an act of sharing.

Eight ways to show your Chihuahua affection instead of kissing

If your Chihuahua doesn’t like being kissed, that doesn’t mean they won’t enjoy receiving love from your side. Since dogs are pack animals, their most instinct is to stay close together with their ‘pack,’ meaning you.

So, what are some non-threatening ways to show them how much you love them?

#1: Ear rubs

Dogs love it, so that you won’t go wrong with that gesture. It’s even likely that your Chihuahua will beg for more. This is a great way to be close to your Chihuahua and enjoy them.

Curious fact: Touching your dog’s ears releases the hormone oxytocin in their body. The ears are full of feeling receptors which add to the experience.

#2: Massage

Chances are your Chihuahua won’t mind at all, the least to say. Gently massage the spine and the shoulder blades while your dog is lying beside you or curled up in your lap.

#3: Cuddle-and-nap time

Nothing would strengthen the ‘pack’ connection as cuddling would. Cuddling also helps you and your Chihuahua bond on a chemical level.

Tip: If you have rules to keep your Chihuahua out of the bedroom, that’s fine, and a nap session on the couch would also do.

Curious fact: While dogs shouldn’t be automatically considered fans of hugging, cuddling is not just allowed but very much needed. Dogs need and seek physical contact, and cuddling is a non-threatening way to give them what they want.

Caution: Refrain from hugging Chihuahuas and other dogs. In dog language, this is perceived as an act to establish dominance, and a Chihuahua might feel threatened and react by biting.

#4: Lean

We’ve already covered how dogs do it t show you they love you. Well, you can do it too. Take advantage of the moment while you two are sitting on the couch or staying in bed.

#5: Talk to them

This might be the weirdest tip you’ve come across, but it’s backed up by science. Be sure to show your Chihuahua some love by talking to them in a praising tone of voice while using simple words they know. Your comments and intonation should go hand in hand for maximum results.

#6: Read to them

Does your Chihuahua feel stressed and anxious at times? Or maybe they’re bursting with energy.

If so, there’s something you could do about it. Grab a favorite book and start reading out loud. You might initially feel odd, but this can help your Chihuahua chill down.

You might also involve another family member, like a kid, to get involved. This practice is known to have helped shelter dogs.

#7: Gaze into their eyes

If a dog does it with you, it means they’re attached to you. And what better way to share the moment than by gazing back at them?

#8: Smile at them

Dogs are very good at decoding non-verbal language, which is connected with how they communicate. Dogs can tell when we’re happy, sad, or angry. So don’t hesitate to flash a smile and throw some good vibes at your Chihuahua.

Curious fact: Domesticated dogs have adapted their reactions to being easily identifiable by humans, which means domesticated dogs are more expressive than wild ones.

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