A DOG owner has launched an urgent appeal to find her missing chihuahua after a seagull snatched the miniature pooch from her back garden and flew away with it.

Experts are examining a leg bone discovered in the search for a missing chihuahua said have been snatched by a seagull, say reports.

The bone is feared to belong to Gizmo, the four-year-old dog who last week disappeared from the his owner’s garden in Paignton, Devon.

The leg was found six miles away in Totnes by Natalie Williams, 29, on a roof which seagulls have been using as their home “for months”.

She told The Sun: “On Friday, I found what can only be described as a mammal’s leg on a fire escape at the back.

“I straight away thought of Gizmo as it looks like it belongs to a dog.

His owner Rebecca said she fears a seagull snatched him from her garden

“I have no idea if he was dropped or where he is now.” 

Seagulls are known to be aggressive and there have been reports in the past of the birds overpowering small dogs and killing them

“I really hope I’m wrong,” she added.

The leg is now being examined by a vet to assess whether it does in fact belong to Gizmo.

Gizmo’s owner, Rebecca Hill, 24, is reportedly too upset to comment on the finding.

The owner of three chihuahuas, Rebecca last week reported how her boyfriend was hanging out the washing in the garden when he saw the seagull snatch the dog and carry him away in his beak.

The incident, along with other reported seagull attacks on human beings, sparked a debate over what to do with the birds, which have quadrupled in the first fifteen years of this century.

Independent MP John Woodcock made headlines yesterday when he suggested feeding seagulls contraceptives.

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