The beautiful adoption of the Chihuahua Shorty Died shortly after arriving in the new home.

Shorty was an adorable old chihuahua who lost his life after finding a new human family. Unfortunately, his health conditions were severe, and he didn’t make it, but everyone was happy because he left this world surrounded by the affection he deserved.

Each animal should find its happy ending, but this is not always possible. Many puppies cannot find human friends willing to love them.

Carli is a woman who lives in a small town in Texas. She has always had a deep love for animals, and she very often adopted dogs from the local shelter, which had little chance of survival.

The lady had gone out one day to make some commissions. At one point, she found herself in front of a pet shop and noticed a senior chihuahua lying in a doghouse.

Carli wanted to know what was happening to him and soon came in to ask for information. Just as she spoke, he discovered her sad situation with the dog.

Until a few days ago, Shorty had gone home and a human friend. However, the man died, and the little one found himself alone. They were looking for a new family, but getting them adopted wasn’t easy.

Shorty’s beautiful adoption and her health problems

The dog was unfortunately overweight, and he also had thyroid problems. Due to his advanced age, he had little energy. Carli did not want to leave him in those conditions, and he soon decided to take it home with you.

The woman at first put him on a diet. Immediately afterward, she subjected him to all care he needed. Plus, Shorty is also did friendship with her four-legged little brother Toad.

shorty story

The little dog, unfortunately, is, died shortly after her beautiful adoption. Carli to inform everyone of his disappearance; on his social profile, he wrote: “I don’t think I’ve ever loved a pet so much. Goodbye, my little Shorty! ” After much suffering, the puppy left this world surrounded by all the love he needed.

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