When Natalie got two newborn chihuahuas, she had no idea they would be so small, but she definitely wanted to take care of them.

The dog was suffering from a false pregnancy and found the perfect cure.

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Great Dane Taking Care of Little Chihuahua Puppy 11

Or that her Great Dane Birdie would save their lives.

The babies were dumped on the side of the road. When Natalie took them in, they weighed only 2 ounces and were very weak and hungry.

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Great Dane Taking Care of Little Chihuahua Puppy 12

“They desperatly needed some attention that a human could not offer them,”

Birdie needed the same, just in a different way. Birdie has been going through a false pregnancy.

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Great Dane Taking Care of Little Chihuahua Puppy 13

According to Pet MD, false pregnancy, also known as pseudopregnancy or pseudocyesis, is a condition that can occur in unspayed females due to normal changes in their hormone levels. It also occasionally occurs in dogs who have recently been spayed.

The hormones fool the dog’s body into thinking it’s pregnant and about to give birth.

False pregnancies have both psychological and physical effects on the dog. Female dogs typically become restless and uncomfortable and will start nesting.

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Great Dane Taking Care of Little Chihuahua Puppy 14

Their mammary glands can also enlarge and even produce milk. Their bellies can also contract.

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This can cause discomfort in a dog. A false pregnancy usually only lasts about two to three weeks.

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Great Dane Taking Care of Little Chihuahua Puppy 15

Poor Birdie was nesting and making a cozy space with blankets, and she would hide under her bed looking quite sad.

She kept thinking that she had puppies but didn’t.

Birdie’s vet recommended that Birdie nurse the chihuahua puppies. They started nursing on Birdie as soon as they were placed together.

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Great Dane Taking Care of Little Chihuahua Puppy 16

“It was crazy that they could latch on so quickly. They were both eating and that was the ultimate goal. Birdie was improving so much because nursing allowed her hormones to be released,” Natalie said.

Unfortunately, one of the little puppies didn’t make it. But the sibling, named Froggy, was fairing well.

Birdie was completely focused on being the best mom she could to Froggy.

“She stayed with Froggy all day and all night,” Natalie said. “She was very nurturing and very gentle.”

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Great Dane Taking Care of Little Chihuahua Puppy 17

Birdie’s skin-to-skin contact was crucial for Froggy’s recovery. Birdie gave her all the warmth and love that she needed.

Slowly but surely, Froggy began to make progress and grow strong.

“I’ll never forget the moment that she climbed into her bed,” said Natalie. “One thing that was really hard for Froggy was lapping water. But she started lapping up water. Mealtimes has been really fun for her because she gets to eat with the big dogs.”

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Great Dane Taking Care of Little Chihuahua Puppy 18

All of Froggy’s firsts were celebrated. Including her first bark, which surprised Froggy more than anyone.

“We could see that she was going to be a happy, normal, healthy dog,” said Natalie. “Froggy and Birdie have been able to show other people it really doesn’t matter what you look like on the outside. To be a family, you just have to have unconditional love. Birdie had, from the very beginning, taken Froggy under her wing and made sure Froggy had everything she needed. She is the hero that saved her life.”

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