Holly adopted a beautiful little boy named Marcelo, who was terrified of dogs. He screamed if a dog came near him. The problem was: the family already included Mini, a senior Chihuahua. Mini took an immediate interest in her new human brother (even during bath time!)

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this dog is adopted by a scared boy

Holly screamed if a dog came near him. She gave the boy space to trust her but never relented. She’d follow him around in a gentle pursuit and when she was finally able to approach Marcelo closely, she graced him with a loving kiss. The boy was absolutely delight!

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this dog is adopted by a scared boy

Where Marcelo goes, Mini follows. When Marcelo got sick, the pup didn’t leave his side for a minute. She was so worried about him. Mini’s unwavering love helped Marcelo acclimate to his new family and also taught him that dogs are the best!

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Marcelo loves playtime and he always include his Mimi. She loves to chill with Marcelo on the hammock, go with him on car rides, and read books with her adorable brother. The two are inseparable! Thank you, Mini, for teaching Marcelo that dogs are special, just like he is! Check them out together in the video below!

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Many of the commenters experienced this beautiful story. Some tired money commented:


When a dog adopts you Holy heck. That motherly instinct is melting my HEART she protecc him like it’s her own baby .


Can we just talk about how freakin CUTE that kid is? Marcelo is the best


I like how the mother respects and acknowledges the dog’s wisdom and the child’s vulnerability. Personhood is not only for humans

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