Two cute Chihuahuas, a motorcycle, and a popular social media app were what it took for a couple of Kansas dogs to amass a worldwide following.

Momma and Butters know how to make an entrance as they get around in style for millions to see on their social media on their motorcycle.

Jesus Carrasco, the dogs’ owner, he came up with the idea due to boredom from being cooped up during the pandemic.

“Started off with the Jeep and they liked that, and then we went and got another bike after I sold my other one. And this time I went with a Harley and they wanted to go, so we were like. ‘How do we get them to go with us?.’ We just bought a harness and started with some cheap Amazon goggles,” Carrasco said.

Momma and Butters now ride fully equipped with helmets.

“The helmets come right off and luckily … I got lucky enough, they ended up fitting their snouts. So some work did have to go into the helmets like putting another helmet in there and then creating a little nose shield, but yeah, they fit,” he said.

Carrasco also said it didn’t take much convincing to get the dogs to go along for the ride.

“Whenever I grab my bag like I did this morning. I was just like, ‘You can go for a ride.’ He jumps in his bag already and ready to go, and I just load her up and they’re excited. They go everywhere with us. We just had a newborn baby, so right now, they’re all starved for attention,” he said.

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Carrasco said he has to credit his girlfriend for the following they have acquired.

“My girlfriend’s idea. A lot of this actually was her idea,” said Carrasco. “TikTok has kind of been a lot of fun.”

The two are getting millions of views worldwide, but they also have plenty of fans in Wichita.

“We usually try to stop for some people if they have kids and let them pet them,” Carrasco said.

If you would like to follow Momma and Butter on their adventures, you can find them on InstagramTikTok, and YouTube under the handle, @Twochihuahuas89.

Carrasco said he’s looking to involve more of his family in the videos as they continue to grow this adventure.

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