When this tabby kitten arrived at the Blue Cross animal shelter in the UK, she was terrified and in pain. Her right eye was ruptured when vets examined her. It became clear this kitty’s eye would need to be removed, MRCVS reports.

Along the way the sweet, but nervous kitty earned the name Candy Cane. But, her story wasn’t all sunshine and rainbows.

eye, One-Eyed Kitten Learns to Trust Again on New Home

The One-Eyed Angel

The nice people at the shelter said that Candy is only a youngster and found herself in need of help. She had a ruptured eye, they weren’t sure how this happened to her.

She underwent surgery to remove the ruptured eye and was also neutered and microchipped. “This little lady is very nervous about the world. Candy has gone off to one of our amazing foster carers to recover from her surgery. We hope to help her learn that life doesn’t have to be scary.” – said the rescuers.

“Understandably, Candy Cane was incredibly nervous and distrustful of humans. So, the charity decided to place her in foster care until she had recovered from her operation,” MRCVS notes.

That’s where kind-hearted fosterer Wendy Penfold comes in. She took the poor scared baby in and gave her love and care at all hours. As she recovered from the surgery Wendy helped Candy build up confidence.

“When Candy came to me, she had lost her trust in humans and was very nervous,” Wendy says.

It’s very sad to think what might have happened to this little girl to make her so scared of humans, but her newly-found foster mom patiently worked with her.

“She would run and hide when I’d come into the room. But, by the end of her time with me, she became more inquisitive to know what I’m doing.

As the first week became the second, little Candy began regaining her bravery as she found places where she could feel safe.

“After the first week of hardly moving from her hiding hole, she discovered the benefits of the tall cat climber in her run where she was out of reach and could watch everything going on at a safe distance,” Wendy told Metro.

That climbing tower must have made the adorably striped waif feel more secure and of course, it gave her chances to play and just be a kitten.

Wendy, who lives in Kent, in the UK, regularly fosters pets, and fortunately for little Candy, she was also caring for another kitty named Rita and the two became feline friends, Daily Star reports.

“I think Rita helped lure Candy forward in the pen as I would sit and stroke or play with Rita in the corridor,” Wendy tells the publication. “So Candy could see I was a nice person with to be around cats.”

But now for the best news ever: Candy now has her own family — “A lovely couple in Hampshire adopted her to give her the time to see how far she can settle in a family home,” Wendy says.

Sarah Miller, who serves as Animal Welfare Assistant at Blue Cross Hertfordshire, adds “Wendy has done an amazing job for Candy Cane. We hope this beautiful kitty, who suffered such a sad beginning blossoms like the little flower that she is.

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