Chihuahuas are little dogs with prominent personalities. Not only do they make excellent companion pets, but they love to play dress up. From collar to leash and everything in between, your Chihuahua deserves to look his best every time you leave the house.

Choosing a leash for a Chihuahua can be challenging, and it would help if you had something short but durable and easy to clip to your harness. Wouldn’t it be nice if the colors match, too? We’ve pored over online reviews to bring you a selection of the best Chihuahua leashes, whether you need something reflective, retractable, or built for two.

Best Reflective Leash for Chihuahuas:
Max and Neo Reflective Nylon Leash

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Like to walk in low-light conditions? This leash is reflective and durable—and for every leash purchased, Max and Neo donate a leash to a dog rescue.

Chihuahua owner review: “The neoprene-lined handle makes this feel luxurious. The silver stitching is subtle but very reflective. The ring allows me to hang my bag dispenser in an easily accessed spot. With my 10-pound Chi mix, I’m not worried about a breakaway, but I’d probably trust this leash for bigger dogs, too. Awesome product and the social cause is a bonus. Highly recommend.”

Best Retractable Leash for Chihuahuas: Flexi Neon Leash

image 37

While we generally don’t recommend retractable leashes, they can sometimes come in handy when used correctly and under the right circumstances. This durable, reflective leash is short enough for a Chihuahua but long enough to allow freedom of movement. It has a broken button and a permanent stop feature for maximum safety. Just remember to avoid use in busy or high-traffic areas and keep a watchful eye on your environment.

Chihuahua owner review: “Perfect length for walking a small Chihuahua. Easy to see at night and lightweight for my dog and me.”

Best Two-Dog Leash for Chihuahuas: Peteast Dual Double Dog Leash

image 38

Have more than one Chihuahua? This dual leash is strong, lightweight, and suitable for two small dogs. And if you’re not satisfied, return it within 90 days for a full refund.

Chihuahua owner review: “I have two Chihuahuas, and walking them on separate leashes was a nightmare! This leash works amazing! They don’t get twisted around each other, which makes walking them much more enjoyable.”

Most Budget-Friendly Leash: PetSafe Nylon Dog Leash

image 39

Need something inexpensive? This no-frills nylon leash comes in different lengths, widths, and colors.

Chihuahua owner review: “This is a nice leash at a reasonable price, and it is thinner and lighter than the standard ones you see everywhere. For my seven-pound Chihuahua, it’s exactly what I had been looking for. Will buy again.”

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