If there’s one thing we’re almost certain of, it’s that one Chihuahua received the absolute best birthday gift. The senior dog was so excited when he found out his owners made him a special breakfast to celebrate his 17th birthday. Take a look!

Little Gizzard brings so much joy to his parents. Whether that be dressing up in costumes or sharing a snack with his owners. So was it too much to ask that the little guy get some pure joy of his own to celebrate the big 1-7? As can be seen on Gizzard’s TikTok page @_gizzard, his owners wanted to go big for his birthday. So they made him the ultimate birthday treat. “Made my Chihuahua a tiny tortilla this morning because it’s his 17th birthday,” his owner wrote in the onscreen caption. “Happy Gotcha Day/Birthday Gizzard!” the caption states. Gizzard seems so darn happy. We just know this was his best birthday yet.


Happy Gotcha Day / Birthday Gizzard!

♬ Corrido De Chihuahua – Antonio Aguilar

With over 520,000 views, it seems like Gizzard has a whole fan club ready to help him celebrate. “No way it’s his 17th!? Precious, spunky baby!” @whoriitorii wrote. “The ‘a-ow’s’ in the background so cuuuute!!!” @natolini chimed in. “Omg he deserves it sooo much!! The way he took it, the joy!! Ahhh,” @ju_smitty added. 

And other Chihuahua owners were cheering the pup on too. “My chihuahua turned 17 in March, they are immortal,” @bog..witch shared. “My baby is 15 this year! This gives me hope to have some more good years with him,” @coyote_kris23 added. “Yesterday was my Chihuahua’s 14th I should have made him a tortilla,” @niijntjes lamented. 

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