She appears to be a cross between a Chihuahua and a pit bull. However, there may be some corgi happening here as well.

Try not to think about it too much. Focus, instead, on the result: a dog who, despite being all kinds of strange, packs a lot of charm into that tiny Chihuahua frame.

” My new favorite breed is the Chitbull,” Janay Chapin wrote in a Facebook post after visiting the dog. “Or the Pithuahua. Or the Chihuabull. Kibble? I can do this all day, people … “

And so could we. But Agatha doesn’t have that kind of time. Social media may be swooning for the 2-year-old dog, but there hasn’t been a lick of real-world interest, according to a clerk at Downey Animal Care Center.

“There aren’t interested parties of committed adopters,” the clerk noted.

image 36 50
image 36 50

Agatha, he added, is a healthy girl, weighing around 17 pounds.

image 36
image 36

A field officer scooped her up as a stray in East Los Angeles, likely abandoned by her former family.

image 37 1
image 37 1

He hasn’t been at the shelter long enough for staff to tell us much about her personality. Of course, it’s a lot bigger than she looks.

“She is a great little dog with many personalities,” Chapin tells The Dodo.

Thank you. Might you like to give Agatha a natural home where she can be herself for the rest of her life?

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