The Chihuahua dog breed steals everyone’s heart with its adorable look, small size, and fierce personality. But they are delicate balls of fur, and they need special care and attention. If you happen to expect a litter of newborn Chihuahua puppies, you might be wondering what to do. Read on to find out.

Let’s face the truth: every owner of a Chihuahua puppy says that their puppy is the cutest. Well, all Chihuahuas have their specific characteristics that are typical of this dog breed. If you wish to be in a good relationship with your buddy and make it your best friend, then just start learning how to take good care of your Chihuahua and raise it to be the best and happiest companion you’ve ever had!

Usually, Chihuahuas are good and attentive mothers, but they do require some help from you. First, spend a couple of days before the birth to prepare a comfortable nest. Choose a quiet place in a room away from traffic and curious pets. If too many people or pets bother the mother, she will move her pups to another, safer location.

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Essential tips

Taking good care of a Chihuahua puppy means that you should give all your love and attention. You will be amazed to see how these small dogs protect their family and home. If you show your love and affection, then you will find a faithful companion.

Equipment for newborn pups

You only need two bowls with water and food, a box that will help with toilet training, a brush and some other small supplies. The perfect box has low sides so that the mother can go in and out of the nest with no issues. But make sure that the puppies can’t crawl over the sides accidentally.

Provide your puppy with love and attention, make sure that this little buddy grows up happy. Of course, a teacup Chihuahua is not going to grow much physically. Some people say that they are cute because they are small. Yet, I think that this dog breed will provide you with loyalty and love, but it can protect your home, make it a lovelier place or just make your days a real nightmare.

Keep your delicate Chihuahua pup away from high areas

Being the smallest dogs in the world, Chihuahuas are very delicate and they should receive your utmost care and attention. Keep your puppy away from high areas. Don’t put the puppy on tables, beds or on the sofa. Your supervision is crucial for your healthy Chihuahua. Little babies stay with closed eyes and they are likely to fall and get injured. Keep your little puppy on a flat surface like a warm floor or just make sure that they stay in their own bed.


When the puppies are born they weigh only three or four ounces, and they cannot regulate their body temperature. That’s why newborn Chihuahuas depend on cuddling with their siblings and their mother to keep them warm.

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However, if the room is cold, snuggling might not be enough. In this case, place a whelping pad on one side of the box or use a heating pad. Leave a cool spot where the puppies can crawl to if they get too hot.
The recommended temperature for a newborn Chihuahua is 85 degrees Fahrenheit. During the second week, you can lower it to 80 and then 75 during the third.

The recommended temperature for a newborn Chihuahua is 85 degrees Fahrenheit.

As your Chihuahua grows, it will start adapting to normal temperatures and maintain proper body temperature. Yet, little babies need extra care and you should keep a warm temperature at home. Avoid cold drafts in all rooms, because they are detrimental in the early stages of growth.

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Hygiene and bedding

Hygiene should always come first. Keep the bedding area clean and comfy. Puppies generally need a good and long sleep during the early stage of their life, so avoid disturbing them while they are sleeping.

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It’s essential that you change the bedding regularly and that you weigh the puppies every day. In 10 days, they should double their weight. If this doesn’t happen or you notice that a pup isn’t gaining any weight, consult with a veterinarian immediately.

Mother and newborn Chihuahua

It’s also imperative that you keep an eye on the puppies and the mom regularly during the first several weeks. The mother might suffer from birth complications and refuse to feed her cubs. Or if she has too many pups, there might not be enough milk for all of them.

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No matter the circumstances, if the newborns look lethargic, feel cold when you touch them or fail to thrive, it’s time to intervene and provide supplemental feeding. Otherwise, the Chihuahua newborn puppies won’t survive.

Grooming Baby Chihuahuas

The next step is to remember that you should brush your puppy regularly to remove dead hair and hair entanglement if he/she has longish hair. If it is short in length, brush just once a week.

Hide electrical objects that could be harmful to the Chihuahua, cover the wires or place all dangerous items out of reach.

Chewy Toys for Chihuahua Pups

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Now I have one extra tip for you and it’s useful to know for all puppies no matter what their breed is. Supply puppies with a good collection of rubber toys so they can chew them. Chihuahua has small teeth that can easily cause the accumulation of plaque, causing heart problems or tooth loss if this is left untreated.

What to feed a baby Chihuahua?

First and foremost, it is important to have enough knowledge about the nurturing of newborn Chihuahua puppies. The answer is very simple – milk. Fortunately for you, there are puppy milk replacement formulas available in liquid or powder form that you can use. The rule of thumb is one cc per ounce of body weight. You may also look for an available foster mom, buy a pet bottle with a nipple or use a syringe.

How often to feed a Chihuahua puppy?

Make sure that your Chihuahua receives all the nutrients that it needs. The proper nutrients can prevent many dog health problems. Find out what is the best dry food for your puppy, because the right food is important for good health and growth.

Since they are very small, their bellies can’t hold much food. They need to eat every two hours during the first two days and every three to four hours in the following weeks.

You’ll also have to burp the puppies twice – during and after feeding, and gently rub their genital area after feeding to stimulate them to pee and poop.

Handle the puppies carefully and gently. They are still very fragile, and their skulls are not fully developed yet.

How long do Chihuahua puppies nurse?

Weaning starts when the pup is around a month old, and by the time he is 8-12 weeks old, it should be ready for a new home.

How many times do you feed a Chihuahua?

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Chihuahua puppies need frequent, small meals throughout the day. Some professionals recommend that puppies under three months or two pounds should be free-fed, others state that four meals a day are enough for a 6-week-old Chihuahua puppy. When the puppy is 3-6 months old, he will need around three meals per day.

When the puppy is 3-6 month old, he will need around 3 meals per day.

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