From birth until the age of 7 weeks old, a pup is a newborn. During the first few weeks, all that a Chi puppy will do is sleep and drink the dam’s milk. There is even very little time devoted to bowel movements since the dam stimulates the newborn puppy to eliminate. A newborn Chihuahua will slumber anywhere from 20 to 23 hours per day. They will normally only wake up to nurse and this happens roughly every 2 hours.

The prolonged sleeping habits of the Chihuahua puppy will begin to change noticeably around the 3-week mark. At this time, the pup is learning to walk (it takes about one week for this to be mastered), eyes are fully open and the ability to hear is functional. This is a time of great curiosity and exploration for as far as the pup can travel from the dam. 

A Chihuahua puppy from week 3 to week 7 will incrementally stay awake for longer periods of time.

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Is it okay for my Chihuahua to sleep in my bed? I’m hearing different opinions on this and am wondering what the pros and cons are?

Let us see where can a chihuahua sleep.

1. This cutie looks like she’s having some sweet dreams.

chihuahua nap time pups today

2. That’s a perfect fit.

sleeping chihuahua bag pups today

3. Dreaming of his next meal?

chihuahua sleeping dog pups today

4. Chihuahuas just can’t control those tongues, can they?

chihuahua nap time tongue pups today

5. Oh well that’s just adorable.

chihuahua mom puppy sleeping pups today

6. Put your legs in the air like you just don’t care!

sleeping chihuahua pups today

7. Who Can Sleep this Tactically positioned?

sleeping chihuahua in bowl pups today

8. So cute!

cute chihuahua dog tongue pups today

9. Isn’t her neck sore?

sleeping cute chihuahua pups today

10. Nap time!

cute chihuahua dog pups today

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