Taney County Animal Control has taken in nearly 50 chihuahuas since June 7. After someone dumped the animals across the Tri-Lakes area.

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Two of over 50 Chihuahuas were found dumped in Taney County.

Animal control has since been updating its Facebook page to keep the community aware of the increasing amount of chihuahuas found.

According to their Facebook, 15 chihuahuas were dumped at animal control on June 7. Followed by another 28 over the past two weeks, 43 chihuahuas.

On June 16, Taney County Animal Control stated that two of the chihuahuas in their care had tested positive for parvo and had been transferred to a veterinarian clinic in Nixa for treatment.

Since discovering this, two other chihuahuas taken to a Stone County facility have also tested positive for parvo.

According to a Facebook post, Taney County Animal Control believes the dogs were abandoned due to a parvo outbreak. Which explains why no puppies have been found among the dumped dogs. 

Since June 7, all the chihuahuas have been transferred to other shelters. Such as HFLCS Canine and Feline Rescue and the Love of K9 in Springfield, MO. 

According to the city of Branson. The Branson Police Department has an active investigation regarding the abandoned chihuahuas found inside the city limits of Branson. It is partnering with Taney County Animal control to help out where possible.

If anyone has information on this case, contact the Branson Police Department. 

For more information and all the updates, follow the Facebook page ‘Taney County Animal Control.’

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