The owner of Bella the Chihuahua screamed in grief as her pet died in the car on the way to the vet. That was after being savaged by a large Akita breed in Bransholme, Hull.

A dog owner has told of her heartbreak after her beloved chihuahua was dragged under a fence and mauled to death by an Akita.

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Tiny Bella the chihuahua died in her owner’s car after the vicious attack (Image: Hull Live WS)

Tiny Bella, a three-year-old chihuahua, was walking off-leash in a grass area close to the Akita’s home in Bransholme, Hull, on May 24 when the larger breed attacked.

Her owner, a Hull woman who does not want to be named, has told how Bella approached the fence of the garden where the akita was and “sniffed” at the dog.

The woman says her precious Bella was then “dragged” under the fence and “ragged” around the garden by the other dog.

What Happened to Bella the Chihuahua

The little dog was so badly wounded in the attack she died from her injuries before she could even be taken to the vet as her owner screamed in horror, reports Hull Live.

The grieving dog owner said: “We was just about to get in the car and Bella was on the grass area. She went up to the fence and the other dog came running. So, she [Bella] sniffed it.

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She managed to get a snap of the akita that attacked Bella (Image: Hull Live WS)

“She was so small and the dog just grabbed her. He then pulled her through the gap in the fence by her mouth and was ragging her all over the garden. She was squealing.”

The woman opened the gate to the garden to help Bella when she says the dog’s owner appeared.

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She said: “The owner came out and the dog let Bella go. Bella was squealing on the floor and I picked her up straight away.

“The woman was crying and said her dog had never done that before.”

The woman, who described Bella as her “baby”, says she was “swollen.”

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Little Bella did not survive her wounds (Image: Hull Live WS)

She added: “Her whole body had swelled. It was really weird, like there was air in her or her lungs had filled up.”

The Last Breath of Life

The woman says she was taking Bella home to look at her properly but as she started to walk she noticed Bella “felt different” and shouted for her partner to take her to the vet.

The couple was taking Bella to see a vet when she sadly died in the car. The woman said: “It was awful. I was screaming and crying.

“My partner took her off me and took her to the vet but she had already gone. I called the PDSA and we have had her cremated.”

Louise Tyler appeared at Hull Magistrates Court on Monday, August 17 in connection with the incident. She has been ordered to try and keep her dog under proper control and both her front and back garden secure. The akita must also be muzzled.

The woman said it has been “awful” without Bella, who she says was a massive part of the family. She welcomed her three years ago when she was just eight weeks old.

“It felt so different without her. It’s just been awful. She was a part of the family.”

Source: mirror

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