Let us all take a moment to send our love and appreciation to Miss Butterworth on this fine summer’s day. The corgi-chihuahua mix who healthily lost 10 lbs and found a loving home.

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Found a home

Miss Butterworth arrived at the Asheville Humane Society severely overweight after her owner had passed away.

Weighing in at 20lb, they classed Miss Butterworth as morbidly obese, double the size of what a healthy dog of her breed should be.

Thankfully, the shelter found a foster couple with plenty of experience looking after dogs, Sharon and Barry.

Sharon and Barry put Miss Butterworth on a slow. They steadily plan to get healthy, taking her out for gentle walks, and swimming in the lake. And limiting the amount of food they gave her.

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Found a home

Over a few months, the weight started to slip away, and Miss Butterworth was able to become more active. She was more comfortable, too, able to run and play without her weight holding her down.

She lost 10lb – half of her starting weight – and looked like an entirely different dog.

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Corgi-Chihuahua Mix Lost 10 Lbs & Found a Home 7

They shared Miss Butterworth’s journey online, attracting fans keen to give her a forever home.

People were ready to adopt her at a healthy weight. But the process was put on pause when a small cancerous mass was found on her leg.

Thankfully surgery to remove the tumor was successful, cancer hadn’t spread, and Miss Butterworth was soon in brilliant health.

Once she had the all-clear she headed to her new home with Paula and Daryl Fox.

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Corgi-Chihuahua Mix Lost 10 Lbs & Found a Home 8

Chihuacorner reports that Paula and Daryl were overjoyed to be chosen as Miss Butterworth’s owners, as they had lost one of their dogs a few years back.

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