A pup named Hermes has left online commenters in stitches after a hilarious video showing the Chihuahua faking an injury.


The Chihuahua pretending to be injured did so to get Mom’s attention, and that got him viral on social media.

Dogs are intelligent creatures who quickly learn what works to get their way. If they notice you giving them extra attention when they limp or yelp, they might use this behavior to their advantage. It’s not that they are manipulative; they’re just trying to communicate their needs in the only way they know how. 

“Every interaction with your dog is a learning experience. If your dog sees that certain behaviors lead to more attention or treats, they’re likely to repeat them.”

The video was shared on TikTok by the dog’s owner (username: Hermes_and_madi), and it shows the dog pretending to be injured and howling at his mom. She, in turn, pretended to fall for his play until she suggested they go for a walk. And he suddenly was healed.

The Art of Chihuahua Faking

Yes, you read that right. Our fur babies, as innocent as they may seem, can resort to a bit of trickery to ensure have they us wrapped around their paws.

Faking pain is one such tactic that dogs use to get what they want. It might be a desperate plea for love and affection, or a sly attempt to score an extra treat. 

Some Amusing Anecdotes 

Let’s take a look at some examples that pet owners have shared, which highlight the lengths our furry friends will go to get what they want: 

One dog owner mentioned that their Golden Retriever would limp dramatically whenever he wanted to get out of doing something he didn’t like. The moment the dreaded activity was over, he’d miraculously recover.

Another shared that their Beagle would feign a limp every time they were near the dog park. She knew that her owner would scoop her up and carry her the rest of the way, ensuring she didn’t have to walk.

One particularly clever Pomeranian was known to “yelp” in fake pain when he wanted to avoid a nail trim, convincing his owner to stop the process immediately.

As you can see, dogs are quite astute when it comes to playing the sympathy card. Pay attention to your pet’s behavior to discern if it’s genuine discomfort or a clever ruse! 

The Hilarious Tiktok

Pets often exhibit a range of behavioral issues when they’re pretending to be injured, such as whining, pacing, and whimpering. They may also avert their eyes or show sudden improvement in an “injury.”

Another common sign is limping for no apparent reason and symptomatic inconsistency. Interestingly, these symptoms usually begin when pets notice their owners are watching them as if they are putting on a performance of being in pain.

For example, a dog might start to limp dramatically when their owner enters the room, only to scamper off happily when they think they’re unobserved.

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The American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals says your dog may also whine when it wants your attention. This is especially regarding a reward or a desired object.

Chihuahua faking an injury when touched by owner
Chihuahua faking an injury when touched by owner

The Viral Comments That Followed

The video has attracted animal lovers across the platform, receiving over 10.1 million views and 2.9 million likes. Let’s take a moment to appreciate the humor instilled in the comments section of this rib-tickling video showing the Chihuahua faking an injury.

The viewers, evidently amused, have left a trail of remarks that add another layer of comedy to the adorable antics of the Chihuahua faking an injury.

One user, Jackîe, said: “Why are chihuahuas so dramatic.” And Jasmin Smith commented: “My chihuahua kept screaming when we touched her, and the vet said, ‘ignore her. She’s lying.'”

User Butlikekakashitho said: “My existence is what hurts mom. I’m not okay.” And Markula4040 wrote: “‘Is Hermes not okay.’ ‘NOOOAAAWW.'”

BabyDee joked: “AND THE OSCAR GOES TO HERMES for best dramatic actor in a mini-series!!”

Corinth113 said: “This reminds me of the time my dog limped for a whole day. Got excited to go outside and walked fine, REMEMBERED, and started limping ON THE OTHER FOOT.” 

“Ah, the dramatic flair of Chi’s! Mine once pretended to be deaf when I called him for bath time.”

“My Chi actually tried the same trick after watching this video of the Chihuahua faking an injury. Nice try, Bella!”

WhiskerWhispers posted: “The Academy Award for Best Actor goes to… this Chi! I’m dying of laughter here.”

Mischievous Chihuahua Tricks and Pranks

Have you ever experienced the mischievous side of Chihuahuas? If not yet, hold onto your hats because these little pups are not just all about their adorable looks. They are quite the tricksters and pranksters, too! 

  • Playing dead: One classic trick in their arsenal is playing dead. Chihuahuas are quite the actors and can convincingly portray a lifeless pooch, only to suddenly jump up and run around!
  • Hiding toys: Ever find yourself unable to locate your pup’s favorite toy? Chihuahuas love to hide their toys in the most unlikely places—under the couch, behind curtains, or even inside your shoe!
  • Stealing food: Be careful when you leave your food unattended—these pups are notorious food thieves. It’s almost impressive how they can reach up to tables and countertops that seem way too high for them.

“Chihuahuas are not just cute, they are also quite the comedians. Their antics are likely to bring a smile to anyone’s face.”

These tricks and pranks are just a taste of Chihuahuas’ mischievous nature. For all their small size, they pack a great deal of charm and guile. But of course, it’s all in good fun, and their antics only make us love them even more.

Why Dogs Fake Pain 

When it comes to our canine friends, their intelligence often leaves us astounded. Their ability to associate actions with rewards is a testament to their cognitive capabilities. Dogs fake pain or injury as an act of attention-seeking, because they want treats, or to escape unpleasant situations. Here’s more about each behavior:

  • Attention Seeking: If your pooch has discovered that acting hurt gets them extra cuddles or attention, they might start to ‘put on a show’ more often. Dogs are social creatures, and they crave interaction with their humans. So, they’ll do whatever works to get that attention, even if it means faking a limp.
  • Desire for Treats: Dogs can quickly pick up on the fact that limping or whining might lead to treats. If your dog starts limping randomly and then seems perfectly fine after receiving a treat, there’s a good chance they’re faking it.
  • Escape from Unpleasant Situations: At times, dogs might fake pain to get out of situations they don’t like. For example, if your dog suddenly starts limping during bath time, it might just be trying to get out of a bath.

Remember, dogs aren’t trying to deceive us out of malice. They’re simply using their brains to communicate their wants and needs.

Chihuahua faking an injury, acting like they're in pain
Chihuahua faking an injury, acting like they’re in pain

Identifying Fake Injuries in Pets

Learning to discern the signs of a feigned injury in pets is something all Chihuahua owners must know. It’s all about keeping a watchful eye on your furry friends.

They might suddenly begin to limp or exhibit signs of discomfort, only to turn around and engage in play or trot around as if nothing’s amiss when they believe you aren’t looking. 

Key Signs of Fake Injuries 

Aside from the aforementioned incongruous behavior, here are some specific signs you’ll want to watch out for: 

  • Behavioral Changes: Sudden changes in your pet’s behavior can be a sign. They may start limping, yelping, or acting unusually submissive.
  • Body Language: Pay close attention to your pet’s body language. An animal pretending to be injured might excessively lick or nibble at the supposed injury site.
  • Inconsistency: The most tell-tale sign is inconsistency in their ailments. They might limp while you’re watching, but scamper around unbothered when they think you’re not around.

Remember, these signs aren’t definitive proof of a Chihuahua faking an injury. They should, however, prompt further observation or a vet visit if in doubt.

Wrapping Up

If you’ve ever questioned the charm and charisma of Chihuahuas, this adorable video of a Chihuahua faking an injury should put all your doubts to rest. What it lacks in size, it more than makes up for in personality and mischief.

This little pup has reminded us, in the most hilarious way possible, why we adore these spicy little furballs so much.  They’re more than just pets; they’re our loyal companions who constantly keep us on our toes – and we wouldn’t want it any other way.

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