A TINY pup so small he fits in a coffee cup has been saved from certain death after a kind-hearted Dundee woman handed him a “miracle” lifeline. Vets had said that 10-week-old Chihuahua pup Bruce had two dislocated legs, underdeveloped joints, and tumors in his eyes. He would need to be put to sleep as he required 24-hour care.

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Saved by Dundee Woman

But when 28-year-old Robyn Boyd, from Lochee, Dundee, met the tiny animal, she was immediately smitten – and stepped in to save the sick animal.

Barmaid Robyn, her aunt Jayne Kelly and Jayne’s daughter, Eryn, took Bruce in – staying up all night to massage his aching joints and giving him hydrotherapy sessions in their bathroom sink.

Robyn said: “We told the vet we were happy to take him in and see what we could do to help him – to give him a chance.

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Saved by Dundee Woman

Small Chi

“Thankfully, the vet agreed. When I saw Bruce I thought ‘he is coming home with us.’

“He is so wee. This Chi fits in the palm of my hand. He is the size of a mouse. You would never think he was ten weeks old, and you would think he had just been born.”

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Although both of Bruce’s front legs are dislocated, he has underdeveloped joints, non-cancerous tumors in his eyes, and stunted growth. Robyn said he was responding well to their care.

Robyn said Bruce – named after comic book legend The Hulk’s alter-ego, Bruce Banner – is thriving.

“He isn’t blind but looks like he is – we are giving him eye drops from the vet. We must massage him constantly, putting him in water for hydrotherapy three times a day.

“Dundee team is doing everything we can to help his little legs. We have to give him 100 percent.

“Things like his heart are OK – he has more physical issues. We are giving him constant care – he is such a happy wee pup.

“We discovered he loves cheese – he has been scoffing at Dairylea triangles.”

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